Bear With Me

I have been working on a Bear pouch design to go with my Cat pouch and Fox Pouch. Currently my cat pouch pattern is available on craftsy and a handful of complete Cat Pouches are available in my etsy shop. I also have two Fox pouches available in my etsy shop. The Fox pouch is not currently available as a pattern but I am hoping I soon can offer that pattern as well as the new Bear I have been working on. Oh and if you can make it till the end there are a couple discounts for you.

Onto the Bear Pouches:

This guy is what started the Bear Pouch Epiphany, I had a friend order a baby quilt and a crinkle from me and I ended up making this guy. Which gave me the epiphany I needed shape wise for the bear pouch I had worked on a while before.

So I sketched out a pattern for the bear pouch from the crinkle bear and this guy happened after a little bit of tweaking.


The Design of the zipper is a little bit different than that of my cat pouch, while the cat pouch as a zipper in between two sets of ears so to speak seen in the two pictures to the right, the bear pouch has a flat zipper on the back which simplifies the construction a lot. I am going to add this option of zipper to the cat pouch pattern also, and anybody who has purchased that pattern will get an update.









In making the pattern a second time to make sure the pattern pieces worked and tweak a couple more things i had to try out heart eyes, and while the guy below is slightly grumpy I think the heart eyes are a winning option that the pattern will have.

I just put my Cat Pouch Pattern on Sale on Craftsy for $6, normally $9. So get it while the sale is on over the weekend!

I also made a Coupon Code for my Etsy shop for you that is good through August 1, 2017 Just use Code: ITSSUMMER for 30% off your purchase.

I’ll keep you posted on the arrival of my Bear and Fox pouches as it may be after school starts. I seem to getting very little done this summer with the kids here 24/7.

Thanks for stopping by!


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