Falling Leaves

I decided to hang a little somthing different than my normal fall wreath on the door this year.  When I stumbled across this metal rake at the Goodwill for $2 an idea started to form in my head.

I stumbled across a this wreath via Instagram, and this garland via Pinterest. You must check out those links, they are super inspiring.

So this is what I came up with through my inspiration.

I wrapped the handle with several larger strips of ripped fabric securing with hot glue. Then I wrapped over where the fabric meets with a few random scraps of fabric and some yarn.

I then took an old book I thrifted for projects like this a cut out a bunch of leaves in various sizes.  I loved how the leaves looked on the nesters garland when she just creased them, so I did that and it gave them such a better dimension. I then just took yarn and a plastic yarn needle and strung the leaves on three separate and varying length strands. I knotted each leaf on to stay in place and spaced them roughly 1″-1.5″ apart on the strand. I just tied the top of the garlands together to form that clump and then hung it over the rake. So simple.  I kind of want to fabric wrap everything, and definitely want to make some more leaf garlands.

Can you tell my door needs to be stripped and painted? Yep, just add that to the list. I am thinking charcoal, or aqua!?!?!?!


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Insta Friday

It’s Friday, thank goodness. It’s been a long week with David out of town for over half of it. He leaves again on Sunday. Boo. But here’s what the past couple of weeks have looked like via Instagram.


Linking up with Jeanett at Liferearranged.

mailed this box from the OhSweetJoy giveaway / finally created and installed my husbands office light fixture / Luke wearing mommies hat since his isn’t done yet

had a friend over to play / spent a naptime photographing this pile for the shop / Tired Luke after a nap

Dude / lots of fun mail came all on one day / pumpkins for the fall swap

Attended the Randolph Street Market in Chicago a must go if you are in the area / Luke’s gloves / Yum

mailed my fall swap box / daddy pushing Luke / ghostie Luke

building roads is an important toddler skill to master / Fireman Luke / I made myself a washi tunic

He LOVES music / scored this brand new crate and barrel table for $99 at the outlet p.s. there’s Nothing wrong with it / Fireman Guitarist – Luke’s dream job?

relaxing and knitting / wreath Giveaway – You can still sign up to win / silly Luke

Started a weekender bag, doing it all in selvedge. The lemons are in the pocket / Fall scarf swap – Join in the fun / Luke riding his bike, sporting his new hat


Yep, we’ve been busy!

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Whoo Loves a Giveaway?

Give Away Closed: 10/15/2012

I think everybody loves a Giveaway! So here ya go. :)  An Owl wreath I made a bit ago that I would love to send to a great home. It is 14″ across, so it’s a regular? sized wreath. I wrapped it in scrappy fallish fabric and added a little burlap and owl accent.


Please leave a comment if you would like a chance to win!  If you would like to tweet it, blog it, or pin it. ;) Please go ahead and leave a comment for each thing you do, for up to four chances to win! I will pick a winner next week!


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InstaFriday Week #10

Another week another weekend! Yay! My little family and I have nothing planned this weekend and I am so happy about that. We will be enjoying the lovely fall weather, putting up some fun fall decorations, spending lots of cozy time together, and maybe tackling a small house project or two. What are you plans for this weekend?

Here’s a peek at the past week via my phone and instagram, my favorite! Linking up with Jeanett from liferearranged!

My mom and I had our first Flea Market booth last weekend (blogged) / Drive home from the flea / A $1 spray bottle makes for a happy boy

I bought a new toy! It’s amazing / $16 jeep that works? yes please! / Working on new owl pillows

Spraying mommy is even more fun / daddy and Luke / a new bag I made


Oh Instagram, you rock! ;)


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Flea Market Loot

So… Yes, I had a Flea Market Booth and I sold lots of stuff. But I also bought a few things! ;) So I thought I would share with you guys!

I found some truly fantastic stuff! Several feed sacks, some of which are bright yellow (already working on a project with these), a lovely vintage quilt top for $10 (It is in rough shape so I will be cutting it up), some fun quilt blocks,  an awesome suitcase, some mini glass ornaments, a giant world map, new england ginger ale label, a playskool wooden mailbox, the cool canvas is hand written and I LOVE it, a and can you even handle the christmas tin? I couldn’t and for $1 I HAD to buy it.


Yes, I may have too much fun at Flea Markets! My favorite score to date is a vintage USA pull down map in the yummiest of colors. You may have caught a glimpse of it in various home pictures. It cost me a whopping $6. Have you ever scored big or found one of your favorite treasures at a flea market?


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InstaFriday #9

I love InstaFriday! I love sharing peaks of my everyday life, and lets face it I love seeing everybody else’s daily life since I am nosy.

Linking up with Jeanette from Life Rearranged today.

We snuck away to Milwaukee for Labor Day / A walk in my new sandals / Buddies

grandpa came to visit / Owl Giveaway- looks like it’s still open / Vintage Flea Market Prep

Benzie Felt Order / Climbing /Mommy and Luke

Luke laying down across from sick mommy / Waiting for Daddy / Flea Market Sign

On my way to the Flea Market / Our Booth – In Pecatonica Illinois, The Pec Thing  September 15th and 16th / A Chicken!  Halloween Done.

Do you Instagram? I’m Woollypetals if you’d like to follow.

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WIWW – It’s starting to feel like fall

The weather is feeling so nice here, still a bit warm here and there. But the fall breeze, the cool nights, they are just lovely.

I actually have more than one outfit to share this week. Yay!

I am linking up with Lindsey from The Pleated Poppy Today. Check out her awesome style and all the other ladies that link up.

To a playdate, where I did a kid craft. :) It was fun, but hard with 10 children say 4 and under!

Black Top: Gap – several years ago, and one of my favorites! I think it’s going to be done soon, and then I will turn into a pattern to make some.

Cardigan: Target – last week

Boyfriend cropped jeans: Target

Sandals : Target clearance a week or two ago

Top: Gap – sale last spring

Cardigan: Target – two? years ago

Cropped jeans: Kohls – Jennifer Lopez

Sandals: Target

I got my hair done! :) So happy about that, it was getting shaggy. Basically the same style just trimmed and shaped with some major bang snippage.

Top: The Loft – Bought over the weekend, it is super comfy

Tank: Target

Cropped Jeans: Target

Sandals: Target

Necklace: Allora Handmade, from several years ago.


Yep well, that’s it. It hit 91 degrees today but I hear the weekend is supposed to be in the 70’s which I am seriously praying for since I will be outside at a flea market all weekend. I do NOT do heat. ;)

Do you link up with Lindsey? I would love to check out your outfit posts, so leave me a link. Because as much as I would like to I just don’t have the time to check out every single outfit link on The Pleated Poppy! :)


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Painting Party

I hosted a Painting Party for a sweet 11 year old’s birthday.  Her mama is one of my best friends and attending a craft night where we painted 12″ x12″ canvas.  So she thought it would be the perfect birthday party for her 11 year old who decided she wanted a small crafting party with friends.

So I cleaned, a TON. :) and got my craft space ready for ten 11 and 12 year olds.

I set up the tables with brown craft paper and streamers. I had some new empty paint cans from Home Depot that I place in the center with brushes and pencils.

I set each space with the blank canvas, a white plate for there paints, and a paint swatch decorated with a felt flower and some cute stickers.


We had a trim and paint bar where I set up trims, pompoms, jewels, buttons, ribbons, and stickers to decorate there painting after it was dry. The paint was all set out on a tray so they could see all the colors together and get what they needed.

I made some fun streamers that I was hoping gave the feel of paint drips of splatters. I found this wonderful streamer idea over at Oh Happy Day, and also saw a super cute painting party using it at Katies Pencil Box.

I was told all the girls raved about the party to there parents. :) So I think it was a success. I didn’t take any pictures during the party as I was a bit busy and wanted to reserve the privacy of the girls attending.

It was a lot of fun, and I wasn’t really involved to much after explaining how to get started. All the girls did great, and left with canvases full of cupcakes, ranbows, flowers, inspiration words, and total cuteness.


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InstaFriday #8

Whelp, there goes that week! ;) I was busy busy. Social Media and blogging took a backseat to life this week. But I think that’s a good thing. I am working on being inspired by my surroundings, my family and friends, and less by the worldwide web. I also have been deep in redoing my husbands home office.

Linking up with Jeanette from liferearranged this week. Make sure to stop by and check out all the fun links.


Bathtime before daddy returned from a looong week away / I hosted 10 tween girls for a birthday painting party, more details next week / Luke being himself

David Office during painting /messy eater! / Lunch with his buddies

my handsome fellows / He was running around in just a diaper after his bath with his guitar so we had to grab a hat and have a mini photo shoot / beans, beans, and more beans. still a favorite

I love this picture! I was working out , first time doing crossfit, and he was playing with his new camera I made him. I had to snap a quick picture. Definitely getting this printed to hang on the wall.


What have you been up to lately? Does Social Media take over your life sometimes like it does me? :) Let me know if your on Instagram. I am always looking for new people to follow.


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InstaFriday – Week #6 & #7

Oops! I missed last week. My parents where in town and David and I snuck away for a night, and morning.  So I am sharing the last two weeks. It may be a lot. Bear with me. ;)

Linking up with Jeanette from Liferearranged again! Check out all the fun blogs that link up. I love peeking into other peoples daily lives, don’t you?

Okay get comfy! It’s been a busy couple of weeks.

Deer embroidery / daddy and Luke checking out a kite / family smore making

Family Swinging / car washing with a freind / Luke Doctoring

Before bed playtime / Loads of Corn on the cob being consumed / Um yeah

He snuck a bite in the store too / talking to daddy (not really ;) / runrunrun

Thrifted fabric awesomeness / Where ya going? /Found him on the pouf, he asked for a book

Daddy and Luke sharing a fire, er.. pillow / Teepee fort fun / Top golfing morning date

Found the best “big” park / made a t-shirt scarf necklace thingy / Loving Lemons

He cracks me up / Gaga over the backhoe / teething crabby baby

Binding my string quilt. finally blogged / looking for something / Mommy and Luke lazy morning

Riding the horsey / new chair from grandpa and grandma – getting a makeover / Made a clutch

Chipotle, our favorite / Can’t find cute clothes lately, so I made a shirt. Juries still out ;) / Two drink miser

Trail walking / Friend Instagramming – Hi Delilah! / Flowers from the Hubby, he’s my fav.

New Felt from Benzie – cutest packaging


What have you been up to? Do you link up with Jeanette? Let me know Instagram is my favorite.


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