Chubby Hedgehog

Hello Lovelies! I made this sweet hedgehog from a fantastic tutorial/ pdf pattern I found via pinterest.  The Hedgehog is from the lovely LollyChops blog. You can download and print the pdf for free from her blog. Cool right?

This little hedgehog was made as a gift for a just turned one year old girl. It is a smaller toy and seems the perfect size for one year old hands to hold onto. The Tutorial called for using a sizzix to cut out the spikes if you have a sizzix. I don’t so I cut out a leafy shape and then used that as a pattern to cut out a bunch from fabric and the rest of felt. I think I used somewhere around 30 spikes, but looking at the tutorial my spikes are a bit bigger. I also stitched my front spikes with a fun x in aqua, and used the same thread to tack down the rest. I like that bit of contrast the aqua thread gives it.

This is a great pattern. Simple, quick, and cute. Plus it’s easy to add your own flare and personality with different fabric, the shape of the spikes, and the face features. I will be making it again and would highly recommend it for a fun gift or for you. :) I think it would be absolutely awesome made rather big too, and may try that out next time.


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