Circles, and babies, and quilts, oh my!

My best friend had her third baby on Monday. A girl. She has two boys already so she was super excited to be having a girl.

I made her a circle quilt! My first quilt with circles, and you know what not as hard or as scary as it appears. :) I found this drunkards path quilt along from Needles and Spatula. She has a great template that I used that is free to download. If you have been wanting to try curves or circles do it. You will be glad you did.

I made each circle a patchwork with 4 different patterns in each. 16 circles in all. The Background is Kona color: aqua. It’s such a lovely blue. I super Love working with Kona, it’s the only solid I use if I can help it.

I used a coral, orange, and white striped vintage sheet backing that didn’t photograph well, due to using my iphone at night. My regular camera was out of service at the time.

I have it on good authority that baby Ava liked it. :)


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3 thoughts on “Circles, and babies, and quilts, oh my!

  1. Sarah{Handbags*N*Pigtails} says:

    Oh my goodness you know I loved this quilt from the start but that last photo, with the baby in it, is precious. :) The only quilts I’ve dared to make so far were a quilt for my sister’s baby shower,seen in this post: ( and a doll quilt for the girls’ dolls( Id love to do more of them in the future. You are one of my quilting heroes- even if I don’t get off my duff to get busy making something, you totally inspire me:)

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