Cover up

So Luke is getting to the age where I am comfortable with offering him a pillow and blanket in bed now. So I am planning what I can make him. :) Because it’s got to be cute right?

Here are a couple of ideas I am tossing around.

This Fox Pattern by Artisania. It is a paper piece pattern in Artisania’s shop on etsy. It measures 8″x10″ so I am contemplating buying it and making it bigger, with a patched border.

I so love this lion head quilt by Knotty Bits and think it would be so fun to make for Luke. She doesn’t have a pattern so I would have to wing it.

I have always been a fan of stacked quilts. This one by ann-marie s. on flickr is just lovely!

I also love plus sign quilts.

This one by melodysquilts on flickr is lovely. I think it would be a very boyish quilt.

This plus sign quilt by the spotted elephant boutique on flickrย  is also so great. I love this pattern with the white space inbetween.


Here’s a peak at his room, it has changed a slight bit so I need to take some updated photos.ย  I will make his new quilt to fit his crib (which turns into a toddler bed) in colors to match his room. Navy, aqua, yellow, grey, and maybe throw in some green or orange?

What option do you like the best?


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