Echinacea Field Block SAL Week 1

Hi All! Welcome to Week 1 of the Echinacea Field Block Sew A Long. I am so excited for you all to start sewing! Yay!

Okay Week 1 is Prep and Planning. First you will need the pattern. ;) Second you get to decide what to make!!! Isn’t that fun? We are going to sew a long together for just over 4 weeks so making a whole quilt might not be in the cards for everyone. I have 3 planning sheets for you to download if you like. A 60″ x 72″ quilt planning sheet. A table runner planning sheet. And a Pillow Planning sheet. Of course these are just suggestions, you could make anything, a mini, a smaller or larger quilt than suggested, curtains, a dog bed…. you get the picture.

20″ Pillow made by me.
This gorgeous mini quilt is by Amy of Sewtopia

Download Planning Sheets Below.

Quilt Planning Sheet

Table Runner Planning Sheet

Pillow Planning Sheet

Check Instagram for details on what to post for the weekly giveaway and let us know what your planning on making.

Amazing night time Echinacea by Dana.

Once you have figured out what you are making you get to pick fabrics. Isn’t that the fun part? I just love it. You can really do so many things with the colors and fabric placement. For the background what’s your favorite? Scrappy, low volume, all one fabric, a color, add grass at the bottom…. so many options.

Scrappy Echinacea by Jennifer Johnston.

For the stem, leaves, and the petals you can really do anything you choose….. I am working on a quilt and will make the stem and leaves scrappy. I am making the petals scrappy but will do an ombre affect with lighter flowers at the top of the quilt fading into darker flowers at the bottom of the quilt. I am about halfway done and will be sharing progress during the sew a long.

Echinacea with coordinated single fabric background, greenery, and petals
by Stephanie Thomas.

Here’s a peek at the planning for my Echinacea Field quilt of which I have shared before.

I can’t wait to see what you all make with this pattern. It is one of my favorite flowers and seeing it made into beautiful quilt blocks is going to make me so happy. You can still sign up and join in the fun if you would like. The link is below to the sign up post.

Echinacea Field Quilt Block Sew A Long Sign Up Post.

Thanks so much for stopping by! See you on Instagram.

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