Finally Fall….. but not technically.



Was anybody else ready for fall well before Labor Day like I was? The kids asked to put up fall decorations (a.k.a Halloween) several weeks before Labor Day. I held them off till Labor Day at least and then put up some fun FALL decor and I will add some spooky decor in the next couple weeks! I am ready for cozy sweaters, flannel, scarfs, fire lit nights, and just the general feel of fall. But Summer is also not my favorite so……

So this year I have two Mantels! Crazy, I go from zero to two and it has been fun and sometimes confusing to decorate them. In the seasons without a Holiday I am not really sure what to do up there. :) The Holidays seasons coming up are making me super excited, and I did have fun with this fall look.

I picked up the black framed wire screen at the Kane County Flea Market a couple weeks ago thinking it would be the perfect background for the mantels since I could hang lots of stuff off it so easily. So that plus my tall Homegoods mirror were my back drop. I added in an arrow I made several years ago and an arrow I picked up at the cute Main Street market last Saturday.ย  I had a bunch of the white pumpkins and picked up the velvet ones at Homegoods last week. The black owl is old but also from Homegoods, the green vase might be too…. I love that place. ;) The white vase is from Pottery Barn when I worked there years ago. The white book page garland is from various installments at the old house and I whipped up the Felt and fabric pendant garland this afternoon.ย  The little fall letters I dug out of a giant box at a booth at the Kane County Flea Market and the Happy Fall Chalkboard sign is from Joann’s. Whew, that’s a lot of info but I am nosy and like to know all the details so there you go. You can also get a glimpse of my growing surveyors measuring sticks that tower on the side of the fireplace. They are so fun and I have always loved them but never had the ceiling height for them until now. So the collection was finally started this year and growing maybe a little to quickly.

Do you decorate for Fall? Holidays? I would love to see your mantels and spaces, because I am nosy after all. Nothing fasinates me more than getting a peek into peoples homes.


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