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So I finally jumped in and tackled my gallery wall! I am rather smitten. It turned out better than I expected and was really quite simple, at least thanks to Sausha from Sweet Pickins post about how she tackled a wood wall in her kitchen.


Okay let’s start at the beginning. My old wall, missing a couple pictures. I knew I wanted a change, not to mention we needed to add new pictures of Luke and other family. I had been tossing around the idea of a white plank wall for awhile but thought it would be to expensive, and typical pine wood planks are almost an 1″ thick which I didn’t like.  But once I saw Sausha’s post I set out to tackle this wall.

A few in process pictures. I had a helper picking up my wood. I had Home Depot cut my 8′ x 4′ strips into 2′ x 8′ strips. My husband and I then use a table saw to slice them down to just under 6″. They are by no means perfect, but I think that you probably can’t tell and if so it adds to the charm. Then I just attached them to the wall with my non compressor battery operated nail gun. I admittedly had to use a hammer to help some of the nail gun nails in.

Hanging the frames….

I had all the frames as seen in the before picture. But I have been looking at thrift stores and found the three washed wood, and then painted a third teal one. I just put pictures in the frames based on size of picture matched to frame size, but not there orientation on the wall.

I don’t have any in process pictures of hanging the pictures, but I basically do a rough layout in front of the wall, and then start in the middle and work my way out in a spiral. I judge everything from eyesight only, but I have done walls for clients in the past where I am more precise and measure everything out. I like this way a tiny bit better for my own home, plus it’s easier, which is good.


I cut the arrows out several weeks ago with my jigsaw not knowing where I would hang them. But once I started the wall project I knew they would fit in perfectly, they are painted a neon yellow with grey on top, then sanded down so the yellow pops through.

I stitched up this little smile embroidery and covered the hoop with vintage fabric, to add a little whimsy to the wall.

Like I said, I am smitten!


Have you ever done a wood wall or gallery wall? I would love to see it if you have.


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