Hello Tuesday

My Lovely Husband planned a Superdate as we like to call it for all day Monday. So we dropped the little man off at a friends house to play with her boys all day an headed out to enjoy some time together.

We went on an Architectural Tour of Chicago. It was chilly. Who knew it would be 43 degrees after so much Lovely 70 degree weather the past couple weeks. It was very cool to see all the skyscrapers from the perspective of the river and I learned a bunch. I would highly recommend it if you live in, or visit the area.

We found our way to Kuma’s Corner, what Siri gave us as the number 1 burger place in the city. It was an experience. Yes the Burger was amazing! Not the best we have had but pretty high up there. But I was a little bummed at the atmosphere/service. Not to stellar in my opinion. But maybe it was just an off day.

We hit up Starbucks after a couples massage. So lovely! I tried a cakepop for the first time. Awesome! Only complaint, I could have eaten more than one. :)

We were so not hungry for dinner after that ginormous burger so we drove out west to visit the House that I am lusting after. I want it, but we don’t need it. It would also be a move 40 minutes west of where we live now which is a huge decision.  I am giving it to God and trying to forget it.

We picked up our little cutie who had to much fun at his friends house and scurried home to get him in bed. And ended the evening watching Moneyball which was pretty good despite neither of us being baseball people.
Have you been on any fun dates lately?

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