InstaSaturday! yep….that’s what I’m going with.

It has been a busy week with my husband away and preparing for a garage sale. But here I am tired and happy all that stuff is out of my house joining in on sharing my instagrams.


Linking up with Jeannett who throws an awesome instagram link up party every Friday!

Jumping Luke/ I painted my living room this past weekend – three coats, ugh /Sliding at the park

A sneak peek at the new White paint – post coming soon / Luke being silly after nap / A new haircut and a bath

A peek at the From:Me To:You Quilt for October – have you nominated to win yet? / Luke with a favorite / I finally remembered to share my lovely fallswap loot

Luke enjoying a special treat – for like 5 seconds / I had a garage sale, it was good / Luke spent the day with my parents who live a couple hours away while I sold stuff. ;)


Yep that’s our week in a nutshell, well most of it!


Thanks for stopping by!

2 thoughts on “InstaSaturday! yep….that’s what I’m going with.

  1. Christy K says:

    Love your photos Kristin! I spy a fellow globe collector? I seriously have about 15… it’s ridiculously addicting (because, of course, you NEED to have one in EVERY colour… ha!) Thanks so much for popping by my blog the other day… so happy to ‘meet’ you! Insta-Fridays are a wonderful thing! Happy Monday! : )

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