Penguin Social Quilt Pattern Release

Penguin Social Quilt Pattern Release

It has finally arrived, the Penguin Social Quilt Pattern Release is today!

This adorable Penguin quilt is a pleasure to make and anybody who loves penguins is going to love it.

Find the Penguin Social PDF Quilt Pattern in my woollypetals Etsy shop here.

The pattern is for a throw size quilt measuring 62″ wide by 68″ tall. With the background being a fulling patchwork background it is super easy to change the size. The Penguin Social Quilt pattern is so versatile. You can make just a couple penguins, make a quilt, or make a mini quilt with a single penguin.

The Penguin Social Quilt Pattern is traditionally pieced. It includes one printable template you must use to create the right angle for the wings of the penguin. Due to a few techniques in the quilt including the angled seam of the wings I have labelled the pattern at intermediate and above.

Stan the Penguin

Stan is a front-facing penguin and is rather social. There are 9 Stans in the quilt to encourage socializing and so you can see all their cute faces nice and clear.

George the Penguin

George is a side-facing penguin and he is definitely a rule follower. You can make George left of right facing and I encourage you to have a variety in your quilt.

The nice things about both Stan and George is that you can kind of mix and match to your hearts desire and make quilt full of your favorite or make the quilt as shown in the pattern. It’s really up to you.

Here are a couple other mock ups using Electric Quilt 8.

A Rainbow background can be achieved by selecting 17 colors and making 2 rows in each color. Either using a solid for each color or a myriad of scraps in that color.

A medium to dark purple background is very striking. This uses 12 different colors to achieve a perfectly plum look.

I mean were can you go wrong with rainbow? This time I made the penguins the rainbow. Each penguin has a Ruby Star Society Hole Punch color as the top half and a coordinating solid as the bottom half. I just arranged them in ombre rainbow order on a low volume background and they look so happy.

This last one is a pretty in pink version using all Ruby Star Society Pinks with a mustard thrown in there for good measure.

I’ll be sharing more mock ups on Instagram the next couple days so stop over to the woollypetals feed to check them out.

Purchase the pattern as a PDF Download only in my Etsy Shop as of February 28th, 2023. Pattern is available after download and etsy also emails you a link to download the pattern from the email you use to purchase.

I hope you love Stan and George and the Penguin Social Quilt just as much as I do. I can’t wait to see all the Penguin Social Quilts everyone makes.

Thanks so much for stopping by!

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