Reindeer Ornament Pattern

Reindeer Ornament Pattern

It’s December 21st and you know what that means? It’s woollypetals Reindeer Ornament Pattern release day! LOL. Maybe it should be a holiday. ;) Shop the pattern here.

This adorable quick to make Reindeer Ornament is the perfect project to satisfy your creativity with the little time most have during the holiday rush.

Details and Supplies

The Reindeer Ornament is all machine sewn, although you could hand stitch it too. You will need simple supplies you can probably find around your house. Quilting cotton, Felt, stuffing, thread and normal sewing supplies. The only specialty supply I highly recommend you use Is the felt for the ears. It’s a special glitter felt that Benzie Design sells, and adds a little bit of bling and the stability the antlers need to stand up. You could probably stitch or glue two layer of felt together to achieve the same thickness if you don’t have quick access to glitter Felt. You may be able to make some if you have any heat transfer glitter and felt around. That is how I made this felt.

This Reindeer Ornament is very quick to make and you could cut out a handful at once and make a whole herd of Reindeer Ornaments for gifts. The only kind of tricky part is the pleat on the ear, and I know you can make it happen. I am going to share a video on my Instagram of me doing that so check that out later in the day on December 21st, 2023 or my IG highlights after that. ;)


Give your Reindeer different personalities by making ears from different fabric, attaching the eyes upside down, making the nose slightly more round, swapping the direction of the antlers. All these things and more can give you a herd of different reindeer. Plus I find with the handmade nature of these ornaments they are all a little bit different. Check out the different Reindeer Ornaments I have made in the past next.

I hope you love this Reindeer Ornament just as much as I do and will make it for your Christmas Tree. Stop over to my Etsy Shop to get the woollypetals Reindeer Ornament PDF Pattern and get started.

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