Silly Monsters

I made these Silly Monsters for some of the special Children in my life. They are so fun to make and personalize.  Each is made from a super soft towel material and has eyes, mouth, and teeth made from wool felt. The belly and ears are soft cotton. I had so much fun personalizing them for each child.

I made tags for each Silly Monster telling there new owners what they liked and how to take care of them.  I think they where a big hit! :)

I didn’t get a chance to take good pictures of them close up before giving them so these pictures are of the Silly Monsters in there natural habitats. I am hoping to get good pictures of the one I made for Luke awhile back and have a pattern tutorial for you all.


Thanks so much for stopping by!

One thought on “Silly Monsters

  1. Carol says:

    The monsters are a fabulous idea and absolutely wonderful. What a delight to have a special friend to cuddle with you in bed and help keep the bad dream monsters away. You bless those around you with your creative gift and we are so thankful.

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