Squirrel!!! Quilt Pattern Release

Squirrel!!! Quilt Pattern Release

It’s October 1st and that means it’s Squirrel!!! Quilt Pattern Release day! Yay! Buy Here.

The Squirrel!!! Quilt is a very cute LARGE squirrel sewn up of smaller squares on a background sewn up of larger squares, at least that’s the gist of it. :) 9 years in the making, from a first rendition of a “Dead” squirrel for my sister in law who’s nickname was squirrel at the time. p.s. I didn’t intend for it to look dead. But she loved it none the same.

Fast forward a few more years and I made another squirrel quilt making the proportions a little better, fixing the arm, adding a real eye, etc.. It was a great version. About this time people starting asking if it would be a pattern and I knew it would be a fun one but I also knew I couldn’t easily write it as a pattern with some of the odd angles I sewed in the second version.

Which lands us in 2023 when I resurrected the pattern again and made it out if Sugar Maple by Ruby Star Society. I changed the configuration yet again to adjust the proportions and make it sewable in a relatively easy manner by making it mostly squares and pieced Quads.

I think It landed in the cutest possible place. The proportions are right and it’s a perfect scrappy patchwork style so it’s easily sewable and as cute as can be.

Pattern Details

The Squirrel Pattern is in my Etsy shop as a 20 page PDF digital download pattern. It has a private video linked in the pattern to explain on the more involved planning and cutting parts of the pattern. The sewing itself is very simple all straight line sewing, traditionally pieced. The cutting and planning are explained as best I can in the pattern. The video expands a lot on all the parts that could use a little more explaining.

The pattern uses Fat quarters and Fat Eighths and can be made as simple or as scrappy as possible. I am sharing the Fabric requirements below. But I highly recommend to make this pattern very personal with your fabrics.

The pattern has two pages with cut lists for all the different fabrics. It shares step by step instructions with diagrams in full color. And it comes with a bonus acorn block pattern with cut list and written instructions. It comes with a link to a private Youtube video instruction for the acorn since there are no diagrams in that one page pattern.

Mock Ups

Let’s take a look at some fun mock ups I made to see this quilt in lots of different fabric.

You can see in the top left mock up I used the acorn block and replaced some of the background blocks with them.

On the bottom left I swapped in a few stars from my To the Stars FPP pattern pack, available on Etsy. This pattern has stars in squares that work with the size squares in the Squirrel!!! Quilt pattern.

The bottom middle I based on a picture of a squirrel a tester shared and scattered the reds from the stomach and tail onto the top of the head.

In a hilarious turn of event one day while stitching with friends we mocked up some Harry Potter squirrels. One in each of the house colors. I’m a fan and really kinda need to make them.

I really hope you love this trip a little bit down memory lane over my new Squirrel!!! Quilt Pattern Release and hope you will make a fun squirrel quilt for you or someone that loves squirrels.

The Squirrel!! Quilt Pattern is in the woollypetals Etsy shop to purchase!

Thanks so much for stopping by!

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