I have been stitching a little bit lately making some gifts.


This one was for the January (yeah I’m super late) From:Me To:You gift.  I have this saying in a similar fashion in a printed version and love it. So I’m told the receiver of the January gift likes books and reading so I stitched this on linen for her.

I framed it in a thrifted 8″x10″ frame that she can stand or hang. I take out the glass to appreciate the texture of the embellishments and to not squish them either.


I just added a few bits of fabric and crocheted trim to match the stitching.


This next one is for a dear friend. Who has always been there for me even when I am not such a great friend.

Handstitched again on Linen with some fabric, vintage doily, ribbon, and buttons.  This is just the beginning of the actual verse. Technically it is Proverbs 17:17a.

This is in a frame I thrifted a long time ago. It is 11″x14″ and I also left the glass out. It is meant to hang, but I had no empty nails to pop it on for a quick picture.


I have one more I am working on as a very belated thank you gift, I will share when it’s done. I am always behind since the munchkin came along, but he’s worth it.

Thanks for stopping by!


p.s. would anyone be interested in a Tutorial on this. It’s pretty simple but sometimes it’s nice to have the steps laid out in Photo Tutorial format? Let me know in the comments.

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