Summer Slow Down

Does anybody else have all these grand plans of getting so much done over the summer and then when summer starts you get absolutely NOTHING done? Well that sure feels like what is happening over here right now. LOL. Having the kids home all day everyday is a lot different this year. They play super well together, and by themselves, are outside a ton, and don’t need me to entertain them, not that I would. I do need to be present to engage with them here and there and a lot of the time within earshot to make sure no one dies, so that means my sewing room on the top floor of the house tucked away from the bedrooms isn’t super practical to be in. Enter a lot of hand stitching and slow stitching during the days if I am able to, and sewing room projects happen at night after they are in bed if I am not to tired.


So here’s a little of what I’ve been working on this summer break:

My Tula Nova:

I completely all the hand stitching and then hand appliqued it to the black and white polka dot background.  It is currently half quilted, just of the medallion with white thread. Yay! I just have to finish quilting the Background area with black thread so it blends in and then bind.


La Passacaglia:

Current Rosette I just started. I have 30 minutes a day at swim camp and have been slowly stitching those pretzels together amidst trying not to sweat to much in the 90 degree pool facility. :)

These two, above and below, I finished over the last month. I made the one above to big, so I will add another star and green diamond and place it in a  different spot. But I love the brown and white scallop and how I fussy cut it so I am doing that with a stripe on another current rosette, not pictured. The little mice in the rosette below are just killing me with cuteness.

This La Pass quilt will be quite the crazy all the fabrics find of scrappy quilt. I am looking forward to the end only to see the vast amount of prints and how the years, yes years, have changed the fabric choices. My only goal for this quilt is to repeat fabrics as little as possible or not at all. We will see if I can achieve that.

I currently have three rosettes waiting to be attached to the bigger section of my La Passacaglia, so once I stitch up the two I have cut out and mostly basted I will be connecting them all and then continuing on this long term quilt project.


Other slow stitching projects I have in the works right now are:

Libs Elliots Heartbreaker Pattern I learned and started at Sewtopia. Contemplating making this a large quilt but time will tell.

The Hexagon Flower Rings I designed from third hexagon pattern pieces. I wish I could find a picture of this to link, It is on my Instagram and is in shades of pink, blue, caramel, and a citron yellow.

Kingfisher quilt by Tales of Cloth I started last week to attempt joining in with the stitch along. Check it out it’s stunning.  I am hoping to make mine super similar to the one Jodi made and has pictured in her advertising. So gorgeous!

A handful of other little EPP projects I unearthed last week. All are in final stages or close to completion. It’s jut more fun to start a new or fresh project then to finish an old one.


As always you can find the most of me on Instagram.

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