Thrifting Thursday @ The Brown Elephant


My thrifting partner in Crime Ronda and I mosied out to Oak Park, IL to check out The Brown Elephant. It did not disappoint my friends.

My Other little Partner in Crime!

While, it is smaller than the big Goodwill’s and Salvation Army’s that hang out on every corner in our neighborhood, it was a fun stop to make. They do have a small selection of clothing, shoes, and accessories, and a decent book wall, but it is mostly filled with furniture and housewares at very reasonable prices. I found several pieces that I wouldn’t have minded bring home. But, thoughts of what my husband would say made me leave them behind.

I came home with a few small items that I just couldn’t pass up. A super cute silky sheath blouse in lovely greens. I am sure you will be seeing it in a WWIW post in the future. I also found this lovely glass jar with a lid and a R etched in the side. It is going in our upstairs bath to hold q-tips since our current jar has no lid. I also picked up a couple books. I am trying to finish collecting the Stephanie Plum series by Janet Evanovich in hardcover, so I added Twelve Sharp today for a mere $1.5o. I also found this lovely 1960’s patchwork pattern book. I am loving all the patchwork blocks it shows and has patterns for.

So that’s all folks! I recently found my copy of The Bargain hunter that is chock full of thrift and resale shops in my area. So I am hoping to flip through it before next week and find another new place.

Oh and I realized on the way I should have brought my camera along to snap a few shots in the shop, so next week that’s in the plan. :)


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