Tops, tops, and more tops

It’s been awhile huh?!

I am here to share some quilts I am working on. I am waiting till June when I hopefully am getting a new machine to quilt at least two of them. So for now you just get the tops!

It was windy and partly cloudy so bear with these pictures. I just needed to get some. :)

This is my long awaited string top.  I have wanted to make this quilt ever since I saw Ashley of Film in the Fridges string quilts, she has a great string block tutorial if your interested. I have been saving scrap strips forever and finally got around to making one this spring.  The above picture is in the shade so it’s a little dark. I just LOVE this quilt and I cannot wait to quilt it.


This above quilt is Luke’s first official bed quilt, or will be. I saw this quilt by Maritza and fell in love I decided to do something like it for Luke.  I think mine has my own flare to it. I love it so much! I think I am going to quilt it with a pebble or swirls on the mane, and straight lines starburst style in the solid background, and then do minimal quilting on his face.


This is the Pow Wow Quilt by Cluck Cluck Sew. I saw her post about this pattern and immediately bought it. I made this one right away for a friends baby! So love this pattern. She does an excellent job writing it, I will be making a large one for me someday. :)


And the last one, with my two helpers. This was something I came up with knowing I wanted to showcase all the vintage sheets I use for fabrics.  I call it my garden lattice quilt. :) I would say it’s basically like this one of Ashley’s, She is a wonderful inspiration!

Okay so that’s  some of what we have been up to! I am hoping to have a post up soon of Luke’s Favorite things like I mentioned last post. :) I am also thinking a lot about this blog and what I want it to be. I am definitely coming back to it soon, but until I can put a nail in what exactly it is to me and what I feel God wants me to do with it. It will be sporadic. But hey I haven’t always been a consistent blogger. hehe.. But just a heads up.


Thanks so much for stopping by!

p.s. also just wanted to mention. I don’t ever sell my quilts. They are strictly for me and for gifts.

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