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What??!!?? You read that title right. I designed some fabric. Now it’s totally self “published” as in it is all available through Spoonflower. For those who don’t know what Spoonflower is they are a company that digitally prints fabric for others on a myriad of substrates. You can simply design and print your own, or make it available to others in your own little store front to buy. There are so many AHmazing fabric designs on Spoonflower I encourage your to go and peruse for a bit and be inspired. You can see my Spoonflower store front here.

You may have noticed if you have been to my blog anytime before January 2019 that I recently updated my logos on this blog and across my woollypetals internet presence so that everything coordinates. I designed my logo to be simple and bold including a shape from my floored pattern. But since it was all solid, albeit bright and bold solids, it wasn’t quite right. Then I discovered I could easily pop little stars onto my background via photoshop and hit the mark with what I was trying to achieve. You may have notice from my quilts and sewing that I am mainly a fabric print user so I needed some of that in my logo.  Stars have always been my favorite shape so it was a no brainer.

Back to the woollypetals fabric…. well the background of the logo with the stars was really my thing and it was brought up in a group chat with my sewing ladies that it would make awesome fabric. With much encouragement from them I went down the rabbit hole and figured out how to design swatches and get things set up on Spoonflower. Ordering and receiving samples of fabric I had completely designed myself was some sort of out of body experience. I have been floating ever since.  You can check out all the different colors available currently, more coming soon, in my Spoonflower store front and order some for yourself.

My fabric is called Starry Eyed and each of the squares in these images is a separate fabric. The only one with multiple colored stars is the one below with rainbow stars. I currently have 33 of these available with requested swatches for an additional 8 colors which are shown in theses images.

There are 25 options with a colored background and white stars, of which 19 are currently available. Then 8 fabrics have a colored background with the stars in one color, all of these are available now. I have 9 fabrics with a white background and the stars in one color, all but one of the yellows is available currently. Lastly I have a white background with the stars in a rainbow of colors available now.

If you have never ordered from Spoonflower before here are a couple notes:

The colors may vary slightly from your screen. A few of my colors looked different on the screen than in person which is why I have some that aren’t available because I am adding the colors I was trying to achieve. You have to order and approve an actual color swatch before you are able to sell that specific fabric. The best way to double check color if your trying to match something is to order a Spoonflower color sheet.

It’s more expensive than regular quilting cotton. Being that they print digitally on demand.

I prefer the Kona cotton substrate when ordering since I use that a lot normally. But for slightly less money you can get their basic cotton which is very nice just a bit thinner.

They have oodles of substrates. Cotton, guaze, knit, minky, canvas, wallpaper, giftwrap, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

You can order a very inexpensive sample box of all their substrates if you are not sure what to order.

The hand of the fabric is a little stiffer than regular quilting cotton since the ink is printed on top of the fabric. I do find the prints that have a white background with only a bit of color feel soft and pliable from the start. But once you use and wash your fabrics they will soften up a bit.

Washing may fade/full the colors a bit so keep that in mind. Spoonflower sends care instructions with any order.

I hope this helps you think about ordering from Spoonflower. I would love to see if you use my fabric to make something so please tag me and ask any questions you want to know and I will try my best to help you. If you an Instagram user  I have a story highlight about my fabric so you can see a video of it.

This is a Fill A Yard from Spoonflower. Anybody can order one and it is a great way to swatch things or to get 42 6″ squares from a myriad of fabrics. 





This is not a sponsored post I just want to share with you my new fabric and also help give information about Spoonflower so it’s not a scary endeavor. I am leaning this year that I just need to do the things that in the past were new to me and I would get so bent out of shape worrying about or putting off till it was almost to late when in reality they are so not as bad as I let them loom in my mind.

Thanks so much for stopping by!


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