Quilting + Baby = Happy

Plus Quilt!  Something I’ve had in my head for awhile and a stack prepped for it. The plus blocks come together sooooo quickly! I used this tutorial by Jennifer at Ellison Lane and just changed the measurements to make them bigger. Each block measures about 18 inches square.  The trickiest part was making sure I cut and sewed the directional prints the right way. :)


The back had to be a giant plus sign because…. well why not? I am seriously loving the 8 days a week fabric on the back, so much fun. I quilted it in black, white ended up being to stark on the front even though it’s my go to quilting color. Maybe I’m going to switch to black not that I’ve used it twice recently!  I did a free motion loopy quilting which is NOT in my comfort zone at all. I think it turned out pretty good. If I would’ve had the time I would have loved to do straight line quilting on this one like I did on my feather quilt. but that takes far to long.

I bound it in a lovely emerald and white polka dot. For that extra punch of color. Bonus the binding matches my sandals which is a must right?!?!?!!?

Oh my sweet and Spunky 10.5 months old. Where does the time go. She absolutely loved it when I spread the quilt on the ground, kept crawling all over it laughing. Sweetest!


Thanks so much for stopping by!

2 thoughts on “Quilting + Baby = Happy

  1. leslie says:

    this is so pretty. your FM quilting in black looks so good. i wish i could FM but alas i am garbage at it. straight lines and a walking foot are my usual go to. This is a big quilt!! what machine do you use that you can get that much through it? Norah is so big and so adorable! Seems like you just had her.

    • aami car quote says:

      I am LOVING this post and can't wait to see what else you have! Such fun pictures – my hugest regret is that I didn't take more pictures! I might be "borrowing" some from you!It was so awesome to meet you and get to hang out!! I'm already ready for Haven 2013!!

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