Little Red and the Lumberjack Wolf

This is the first year I have made anything for Halloween Costumes! It all started when we bought little red riding hood at thrift store and read the story together. FYI: the Grimms fairytale version is rather graphic!  But Luke kept saying he wanted to be a lumberjack and then would change his mind to a wolf because he loves to dress up as animals and he loves tools…ahem, axe. :)



We tried for a little photoshoot  a day or two before Halloween, but it was freezing and the lighting wasn’t the best inside, and of course Norah decide that was the right time to get uber crabby. But we got a couple fun shots of Luke for sure. For the record she was crying before he started growling at her. :)

The best pictures we got were just some quick snaps on my phone while we were waiting for daddy  to bring candy home for trick or treaters.

Luke’s outfit was jeans with wilderness patches (already had)  and a plaid flannel both from H&M, boots (already had) and a thermal from Target, suspenders I found in the men’s section at walmart (they were huge), a wolf mask from Opposite of Far, monster gloves from baby cricket , and an axe from party city. :)

Norah’s out fit was a geranium Dress made from stash fabrics, a cape made from red flannel, and a fun apron made from stash fabrics, I found the super fun boots at Marshall’s, and we popped a bow we already had on. They had fun in their costumes and the trick or treating the 1.5 blocks we managed in the freezing cold.


We hope you all had a fun and safe a Halloween!


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