snow snow snow

I spent a little time enjoying crafting tonight instead of rushing, rushing, rushing to get stuff done which is all I have been doing as of late. I had a rather enjoyable time putting this little snowglobe together.

I had a wide mouth ball jar without a lid I found at goodwill recently and thought it would make an excellent faux snowglobe.  I used bottle brush trees I found at Joann’s and a deer I found at a local toy and hobby store.  The snow is eco snow made from potato starch I found at Joann’s also.

Once I had the base done, I started added embellishments. I formed the word Joy from a couple vintage pipe cleaners and hung it from some red braided floss. I then wrapped the opening in chunky yarn and added some vintage earrings and button.

I love it! I had so much fun and can’t wait to make a couple more with my mom at Christmas!  You better believe she has some vintage trees we can use. I will definitely be searching for some more next year and vintage deer too. The best part the trees and the deer are just placed inside so I can swap them out as I feel like it. :)

The above pictures are from instagram. If you want to follow me on there I’m under woollypetals. :) I find I use my iphone camera so much more than I used the camera on my blackberry. It’s so much better and fun with all the apps.

Thanks so much for stopping by!

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