Camp Out!

I finished up another fun, but very overdue, gift last night and am delivering it today to some of my sons little friends. Two brothers to camp out and roast a few marshmallows together.  :)

A car tent because these boys LOVE their cars. :) along with a campfire pillow and two sticks with marshmallows to roast.


I came across this campfire pillow idea from Michelle at vintagejunky and thought it was genius.  So I whipped up one to go with the tent.

I also thought it would be fun to have some marshmallows to roast and know these will be a hit since my son loves them too!  I wrapped dowels in felt a couple times to soften them and make them brown like sticks. I then cut strips of white warm & natural and slowly rolled it around the sticks glueing every so often so that they stay until I had roughly the size of marshmallows.

I hope that this gives them lots of fun imaginative playtime in the wilds of the woods.


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