Christmas Outfits

I have started thinking about Christmas Outfits for myself as I will not be pregnant anymore and can have some fun with my clothes again.
I am looking for a dressier outfit for Christmas Church and a couple festive tops and embellished cardigans for Christmas celebrations with family.

(jcrew) this sweater is so fabulous but is sold out. I am pretty sure I could recreate this though.

(gap) i love the simplicity of this shirt and that it is more than a t-shirt. It would look great under the above cardigan.

(anthropolgie) i am absolutely in love with this dress. But the fact that I will be breast feeding makes me want to steer clear of dresses, along with the fact that I will probably not have my pre-pregnancy body back yet. :)

(anthropologie) this shirt looks so comfy and like it would be forgiving of post baby curves.

(kaboodle) a version of this is what I am thinking of wearing to church instead of a dress. Paired with a simple blouse and embellished cardigan. I may have to make a skirt, but I think it would be pretty easy if I just use a circle skirt method.

(bananarepublic) I also really love this cardigan excluding the little rosettes at the neckline and think it would be easy to make as well.

Who knows if I will have time or even care about my outfits once the little guy gets here. But it’s my goal to not turn into a mom who stays in sweats all day for my sanity and my husbands sake. Plus Christmas is my favorite time of year and I love to dress up a little sparkly around the Holiday.

Thanks for stopping by and indulging my clothing dreams!

4 thoughts on “Christmas Outfits

  1. Leslie says:

    these are gorgeous!!!! i know i will not have enough of my body back once the baby comes….i am a little larger than i care to be. but anyway….that top from anthro looks gorgeous, forgiving and like you could nurse in it too!!!
    getting dressed has become more of a big deal now that i am pregnant, although there are some days i just don't….until i see my husband pull up to the garage and then i make a mad dash to change and then pretend like i have been dresses all day long. oh man! that was yesterday. i wear more makeup now too….perhaps getting dressed and makeup are just a few of the things that can be controlled when you are pregnant since the belly seems to have a mind of its own.

  2. Julie says:

    ooh, I love all your picks!! Gosh, there's no shortage of pretty clothe sin the world, is there?!

    And you'll have your pre-pregnancy body back eventually! Although I'm told it's a fair bit of work…. I hope to find out myself one day.

  3. cb says:

    oh so many good choices! LOVE the lace anthropologie dress beautiful and classic but that long check skirt is awesome, i LOVE it!! making one sounds like fun! i had a christmas dress i was going to make but things have gotten so crazy in the past month i don't have time :(


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