Ghost Party!!! Quilt Mock Ups

Ghost Party!!! Quilt Mock Ups

Ghost Party!!! Quilt releases tomorrow October 1st. so I am sharing some Ghost Party!!! Quilt Mock Ups with you today so you can start picking fabric.

Here is the standard yardages for the Ghost Party!!! Quilt below along with the individual ghosts in case you want to make something different than the suggested quilt.

This mock up below is the exact of solids I used in my quilt mock up and on the cover quilt that hasn’t been shown fully yet. ;) I picked a comparable group of low volume to what I used since I just grabbed low volume scraps from my stash bins.

I mocked up the Ghost Party!!! Quilt in Ruby Star Society Spooky Darlings and it looks like it would be an adorable make. I hope someone does this or something similar. I used the low volumes and light pinks from the Spooky Darlings line for the ghosts and then all the rest for the background.

Next I mocked up a version in Ruby Star Society Starry line of fabric. Using all the colors. I did light pink scrappy ghosts in the version. It is such a fun vibe while still feeling very Halloween.

Mock ups without specific yardages.

I made some more Ghost Party!!! Mock ups without specific fabric requirements. You can use the standard yardages and make up your own combos.

Orange scrappy solid ghosts on a scrappy black background. This mock up uses all the dark Spooky Darlings for the background.

Swapping the ghosts for low volume/whites made for a more classic look. More color could be added to the background or the stars to add a little extra punch on this version.

For a spookier vibe I had to Mock up a black ghosts look. This one uses a low volume scrappy background with orange stars. I did use a pink solid for the eyes as well for a slightly softer look.

Similarly here is a mock up in solid black ghosts with white eyes and some of the Spooky Darlings for the background. It is a fun spookier look.

Would I even be a quilter if I didn’t mock it up in some sort of rainbow look? I used the same Low Volume Scrappy look as above but made each ghost a mix of light solids in the same color. I arranged them in rainbow color order and made the corresponding stars a little darker shade to coordinate with the Ghosts.

Whatever you make is going to be amazing! I hope you enjoyed this Ghost Party!!! Quilt Mock Ups. The Ghost Party!!! Quilt Pattern will be available in my Etsy Shop on October 1st. 2022.

Thanks so much for stopping by! Share your plans for your Ghost Party!!! Quilt here or on Social Media using the hashtag #ghostpartyquilt and #woollypetalspatterns

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  1. I can’t wait to try this. My daughter in law loves ghosts. Her birthday is in April but I think she is going to love it

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