Ghost Party!!! Quilt Pattern Release

Ghost Party!!! Quilt Pattern Release

It’s October 1st so you know what that means?? It’s time for the Ghost Party!!! Quilt Pattern Release. This quilt is such a fun quilt to make and the result is super super cute.

Purchase a Ghost Party!!! Quilt PDF Pattern in my Esty Shop here.

The pattern is a traditionally pieced with the option to FPP the pieced squares if desired with the included FPP pattern pieces. The little stars are FPP or Applique only. The pattern is written to sew up the whole quilt of individual ghosts to make a mini quilt, pillow, or pieces a few together for a table runner or banner. The quilt measures 60″ wide X 72″ tall. The individual ghosts measure 18″ wide X 24″ tall. The difficulty of the pattern is recommended for a confident beginner and up.

The Ghosts

BOOne, jACCK, and AHHnna consecutively are a fun fraid…. ever heard that a collective group of ghosts is called a fraid? Pretty cute right? They all have a different personality visible with their features.

BOOne is made with eyes staring off to the side and smirk of a smile. jACCK is small but mighty and his mouth is ready to say the perfect BOO. Lastly AHHnna is made with wide eyed wonder and a sweet smile. The three ghost are all similar but with different features have their own personalities. Furthermore the pattern is easy to mix up the features to make your own unique ghosts.

Ghosts by Testers

I asked a few of my regular testers to whip out a couple ghost quickly for me to make sure this pattern was ready for the pattern release today.

Tracey of @tracybitsnpieces made these adorable ghosts that remind me of mermaids. She is added more and sharing as she does so definitely check those out.

Jane of @jenkaa55 made this super sweet ghost and she is also making more modeling them after her grandchildren and sharing on her social media.

Regina of @stargirl.leo made this bright and fun Ghost with a wide and happy smile. I love seeing ghosts made with a single fabric too.

Brittany of @bmariedavis made a single fabric ghost and background and her fabric combos never disappoint. I added applique stars to the pattern after her suggestion as well.

Stephanie of @stephkthomas made this awesome quilt using Tiny Treaters by Jill Howarth as the background adding in a few coordinates. She used solid white, creams, and beige for the ghosts.

More Ghost Party!!! Quilts and Blocks

I have made a few more versions and if time weren’t an issue I would make a million more. When I first started sewing up these block I used a fully scrappy black background and tested a few ideas with the softly colored ghosts on black. So that became a smaller quilt with some additional rows of squares to make it a small throw. The official BOOne, jACCK, and AHHnna blocks are in this quilt as well.

Below I played around with a ghost in garden and really really think it needs to be a quilt. I need to figure out how to get more florals like these into my stash. This ghost is a combo of BOOne’s eyes and AHHnna’s body, with a BOOne smile. Also showcased in this block are the applique stars.

I wrote up a post yesterday to show a lot of mock ups with different fabrics and exact fabric requirements. Click over to check it out here.

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