It’s all Guinea be okay Quilt Block Pattern

It’s all Guinea be okay Quilt Block Pattern

The It’s all Guinea be okay Quilt Block Pattern released on January 31st, 2022. It is a fun pattern to make and results in the cutest guinea pig quilt block. Available in my etsy shop here.

My It’s all Guinea be okay pattern is for a 15″ square quilt block. A great size pattern to make into a mini quilt, add a couple wider boarders to make into a pillow or guinea pig cushion. I have seen a couple made into likeness of their guinea pigs. Want to make a quilt? Make 9 blocks for a small lap quilt or make 16 blocks for a large throw quilt. The pattern is traditionally pieced, It shares yardages for the individual blocks and a little instruction if making a 16 block quilt. The pattern has a full cut list and goes on to share sewing instructions with diagrams for each step. Don’t be scared by all of the little pieces as it sews up pretty easy and quick and is too cute to not make it.

Tester Guinea Pigs coming at you.

Stick around and check out all the Guinea Pigs my testers made! This process would be 10X longer and harder without my testers, I am so thankful for them and the help they provide. So much insight, help finding errors I miss, and giving great suggestions to make my patterns better is just a small sampling of what they help with. Check out their It’s all Guinea be okay quilt blocks below and show them some love.

Kate from @shecansew made this cutie in a background full of daisy’s.
Kelly from @keep_it_together.quilts sweet Guinea Pig on a pink background.
Tracee from @therewillbetoast made this bright and fun Guinea Pig from all solids. Tracee made a second Guinea Pig you can check out on her Instagram.
Carissa from @blanchelafawnda made this chocolate Guinea that looks good enough to snuggle. Carissa finished this sweet guy into an adorbale mini you can check out on her Instagram.
Maggie from @madeonsugarbushlane made this bright and sunny Guinea pig.
Ellen from @edugosh from this adorable grey and brown Guinea pig.
Stephanie from @stephkthomas made this sweet guy who maybe is rolling around in a field of strawberries.
Regina from @stargirl.leo sparkling Guinea Pig on a bed of flowers.
Gina from @ginacraftsandstuff made a fun Guinea pig who might be very intellectual.
Tracy from @tracysbitnpieces made a sweetheart and she added borders to make a pillow. You can check the finished pillow out on her Instagram page.
Dawni made a fun little Guinea Pig with some crazy eyes.

That’s all of my testers Guinea Pigs! Aren’t they great! I love them all. It’s always the best feeling to see someone make a quilt or quilt block from a pattern I create and I never get tired of seeing what is made. I love the joy and awe it brings.

A few more Guinea’s I made as I work towards a quilt and work on my next Guinea Pig Pattern the Yawning Guinea Pig. Coming Soon. Hopefully.

Thanks for taking a look at all these amazing Guinea Pigs! I hope you love them all as much as I do. I can not wait to see what you make with my It’s all Guinea be okay Quilt Block Pattern. Run and grab your copy now! Oh and while your at it my shop is full of lots of other patterns too. ETSY SHOP.

Thank you for stopping by!

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