Floored10 Quilt Pattern

Floored10 Quilt Pattern

Hey all! I just released my Floored10 Quilt Pattern which is an adaptation of my Floored Pattern to be Layer Cake Friendly. The Floored10 pattern has been highly requested, but I have rarely use precuts so it wasn’t even on my radar to make the original Floored pattern to work with Layer Cakes.

You can purchase the Floored10 pattern in my Etsy Shop here. Purchase Floored10.

The Floored10 Quilt Pattern uses Layer Cakes and yardage for the X’s. The size shown below in Ruby Star Society’s Florida Fabric line is the Standard throw size. The overall size of this is a bit smaller than the original Floored quilt but has more Medallions. The Standard Throw size uses a full Layer Cake.

You can see above the difference in scale between the original Floored quilt, shown in Spook’N’Sweeter fabric from Art Gallery Fabrics, next to the Floored10 quilt shown in Florida by Ruby Star Society.

The Floored10 Pattern includes 5 sizes. The Baby size is 38″ x 47″ and uses half a layer cake or a junior layer cake. The Standard Throw size (shown above) is 57″ x 66″ and uses a full layer cake. The Large Throw is 66″ x 76″ and uses 1-2 layer cakes. The Twin size is 66″ x 85″ and uses 2 layer cakes. The Queen size is 85″ x 95″ and uses 2-3 layer cakes. They all also require yardage for the X’s. The pattern gives layer cake requirements, or yardage requirements in yards and FQ’s. So you can make the Floored10 without using Layer Cakes as well.

The Floored10 Quilt pattern is a quick sew. I would say it is intermediate to advanced beginner. This quilt is constructed the same as the Floored quilt so if you have made that it will be a breeze. I have made so many Floored and Floored10 quilts now I could almost sew it in my sleep. Lol. With the Layer Cake Floored10 version the prep is so fast as you have all your medallion middles cut and less fabric to wrestle with when cutting the rest.

The Floored10 quilt has proven a lot of fun to quilt up as well. I quilted my Spooky’N’Sweeter Floored quilt with spiderwebs and then when quilting the above Florida Fabric Floored10, say that 3X fast, I quilted the medallions and the X blocks with different motifs to highlight the medallion shape and it was a lot of fun and gives it such a striking look. An all over quilting motif as well as straight line quilting all look stunning on the Floored and Floored10 quilts as well.

Hop over to my Etsy Shop to purchase your copy of the Floored10 pattern. If you don’t already have the Floored Pattern you can purchase the bundled option to get both. The bundle price gives you a discount.

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