Manatee Migration Quilt

The new Manatee Migration Quilt Pattern is available and is also adorable. Do you love manatees or know someone that does? This quilt is the perfect way to encourage anyone’s love for Manatee’s. Either make a large throw size quilt with three manatee’s, perfect for snuggling. Or make a single manatee wall hanging. Need a little something extra? Add a bowtie, top hat, or party hat to your manatee. These are all options that come in the Manatee Migration Quilt pattern.

The great thing about this quilt, aside from the adorable manatees, is that it is very versatile. You could increase or decrease the size of the quilt by making less or more manatees as well as changing the border sizing. Of course these changes will change the fabric quantities. The pattern having the fabric requirements for the full throw size quilt which is a whopping 60″ x 72″ quilt as well as having separate fabric requirements for the single manatee wall hanging helps a lot with any alterations you would like to do.

I personally am not the best at following patterns as I like to make things my own. Hence becoming a pattern writer. So I know the desire for making changes and adding fun details. This is one of the reasons I often add so many options to my patterns. For the Manatee Migration Quilt I not only have the two size options, I also have the option to add a bowtie, a top hat, and a party hat. The instructions help you add any of these to any of the manatees and give instructions on what pieces to cut/not cut depending on which you are making.

Manatee in Party Hat
Manatee Migration Quilt

I have all my patterns tested. The Manatee Migration Quilt is no exception. My goal is to have no issues once my patterns are up for sale. So you can purchase and make the quilts I design without any complications. I could not do this without the help of the amazing testers that volunteer to make my designs. If you are an Instagram user, check out the hashtag #manateemigrationquilt to see the fun quilts and wall hangings that my testers made from the Manatee Migration Quilt pattern.

Head over to my Etsy shop to get started on your Manatee Migration Quilt. Don’t forget to post a picture on social media or in a review on my etsy shop so I can see your awesome quilt.

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