Moth Eclipse Pattern

The Moth Eclipse Pattern Released today May 1st 2021. The Moth Eclipse Pattern is a Foundation Paper Pieced Pattern including 3 different moths. In order below, Moth 1, Moth 2, and Moth 3.

For those who aren’t familiar, Foundation Paper Piece (FPP) is the technique of using a pattern printed on paper and sewing the fabric together directly on the paper. It is easier than it sounds and creates crisp intricate designs relatively quickly. I highly recommend doing some research online and watching some videos if you are wanting to try it out.

The Moth Eclipse Pattern is an intermediate to advance skill level pattern. I did have a new to FPP tester knock them out of the park, so beginners can definitely do it. There are some tricky spots though. For those confident in their FPP skills, these sew up very quickly. Each moth has a very similar construction ranging from 8-10 sections to sew and then assemble. They all have their own unique features. Moth 1 and Moth 2 have the same general body shape and construction Moth 1 has larger sections to highlight the fabric and the wings are fully constructed in 2 sections, 1 per side. Moth 2 has spots and the wings are constructed out of the 4 sections total, 2 per side. Moth 3 has stripes on the wings, and also has spots on the lower wings as well as a different overall shape.

Each Moth has some sort of spot or stripe you could easily omit by just using one fabric to span the spot or stripe as well as the surrounding area so you can have a larger section of printed fabric take the spotlight. There are just so many options with this pattern. Changing up the fabric location, i.e. what fabric matches another fabric, how many fabrics you use, etc.. So many options. I can not get over it. I highly recommend hopping over to Instagram and checking out the hashtag #motheclipse for all the moths being made. My testers blew me away with their fun fabric combos.

The pattern is great to use prints and solids. I had one tester who strictly used solids on hers and they are so fun. You can get as crazy as you like with the amount of fabrics used or keep it very simple with just a few mix fabrics. The pattern has several color and fabric visuals per moth so you can see it in various forms. The Moth Eclipse Pattern also provided visuals with dark backgrounds as well as light backgrounds. Just that simple swap of a light or dark background changes the whole look of the Moths.

Once of my favorite things to do while researching for this pattern is to search for images of real moths online. It’s amazing how many gorgeous brightly colored real moths there are. I found so many and modeled a few of my first test moths with the same colors and variations as the ones I saw online. The only moths I have ever seen in real life are those normal brown or white ones that rush into the house at night when the door is opened. So seeing all the beautiful moths online was so inspiring and really brought this pattern to life for me.

The pattern is available in my etsy shop HERE. It comes with 4 downloads. The main pattern is one file and is all the fabric requirements, sewing instructions, loads of diagrams and coloring sheets. The other 3 files are the pattern templates for each Moth. The pattern is a PDF download and is available after purchase so you can start sewing right away.

I hope you will join in the fun and make some moths. Just a warning it’s addicting. Don’t forget to check out all the examples on Instagram and join the community and post yours too.

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