See Through Project Bag Tutorial

See Through Project Bag Tutorial

The See Through Project Bag Tutorial is now available. Download the PDF at the bottom of this post.

Annabel Wrigley Maribel fabrics with Sew Quirky Zipper and Star Vinyl from Sew Hungry Hippie Shop.

This tutorial comes in the form of a 10 page downloadable PDF tutorial and is full of step by step directions with multiple color pictures for each step. It has supply lists with yardage amounts as well as a list of other items you will need to make the See Through Project Bag. The downloadable PDF format allows you to view on your computer or print it out. If you don’t want to download it you can still click the link to the PDF and view on your computer online without downloading it.

Annabel Wrigley Posy and Ruby Star Society Smol Fabrics with a generic black and white dot binding. Sew quirky zipper and vinyls from Sew Hungry Hippies Shop.

The See Through Project Bag is a little something I have been working on for a few years. I have tweaked and made it better here and there and now I think it is ready to go. My goal was to use adorable vinyl, use multiple bright fun fabrics, have it be a super fast to make bag, make the bag big enough to hold decent sized projects. Check check check check check. LOL. Plus you can easily customize the size smaller or larger to fit your needs.

I love to mix multiple fabrics together and not all from the same fabric line. wink wink. I’m a rebel I tell you. This pattern allows you to mix and match fabrics to get the perfect bag for you. The Inside Back fabric that you see through the vinyl, the binding fabric which acts as the border, the Back fabric, and the handle I recommend using one of the first three fabric leftovers for. This project bag takes minimal fabric amounts. You may be able to start right away if you happen to have vinyl and the right zippers.

OG Cotton and Steel fabrics with Heather Ross Malibu binding and Annabel Wrigley Posy handle. Sew Quirky Zipper and Pink Vinyl from Sew Hungry Hippies Shop.

I am recommending the cut to length wide tape zippers for this bag. I love Sew Quirky black and white striped zippers for that added bit of fun. The Sallie Tomato Zippers of the same format work awesome too. I have yet to try a standard zipper from a fabric store, but it’s on my list to test out. Standard zippers are just typically not as wide and will need minor adjustment to the length of the pouch.

For the vinyl. You would be fine going to your local fabric store that sells it and picking up a nice 12 guage vinyl for this project. I have ordered mine from Natalie’s Shop, @sewhungryhippie . I love the quality of her vinyls, and that they are more unique, and she ships super quick.

Heather Ross Tiger Lily Fabric with Ruby Star Smol prints and Art Gallery Solids. Sew Quirky zippers and star vinyl from Sew Hungry Hippie Shop.

I will be trying out a few things and sharing on Instagram this week after the release of this tutorial. I will be testing out a smaller width zipper or standard sized zipper from my local fabric shop. I will be testing out some smaller sizes, and I will be testing out some pieced sections for the Back and Inside Back fabrics. I will be sharing throughout the week on Instagram and compiling a blog post I’ll link below once finished of any tips, tricks, and variations I come up with.

I hope you enjoy making this fun See Through Project Bag. Please please share when you’ve made one either here on the blog, on Instagram, or via email.

Also just a reminder, read through the whole tutorial before starting so you know where your headed and can avoid any surprises.

Go download the See Through Project Bag Tutorial at the link below and get started. For links to all the zipper and vinyl resources check back in the blog post if you didn’t read through. ;) Please please comment or shoot me an email if you find any parts of the tutorial difficult. I didn’t have anybody test the pattern, just a few copy editors. So I would like to be able to fix any issues that can be fixed.


Heather Ross Malibu Fabric with Robert Kaufman Kitchen Window Woven Binding. Sew Quirky zippers and Star Vinyl from Sew Hungry Hippie Shop.

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