Penguins, and Reindeer, and Doll Quilts oh my!

Penguins, and Reindeer, and Doll Quilts oh my!

Penguins, and Reindeer, and Doll Quilts oh my! Oh and printables too.

November brought with it a need to step back from a “making schedule” and just sew for fun for a bit. Quilt A Longs can be exhausting y’all.

Sewing with an agenda can be taxing and while I love doing a quilt along and having fun giveaways and sewing the same quilt with you all. I needed a bit of a break from my scheduled sewing to make some of the just for fun ideas I have swirling around in my head.

So I made cute Doll Quilt + pillow sets which included a tiny penguin pillow in the Christmas sets. I designed and made this fun Reindeer ornament, as well as this cutie penguin softie. I made some non Christmas Doll Quilt sets as well. My children and I also designed a made some printable art. Some doll art and some 8″x10″ prints. It kind of all just started out for fun and then it was so fun with so many cute fabrics that I just decided to keep sewing. And there comes a point in time when I make to much stuff, there I said it, so I made some to sell so I can keep sewing. ;)

It has been rejuvenating to sew these cute things and I kinda wish I could just make cute things like this only. Don’t get me wrong I love to make quilts, and I love making things for others. I have add some custom orders sprinkled in here and there and some gifts too. There is just something about being inspired and making just for fun, it kind of snowballs and spirals quickly out of control. But in a good way.

You can see all the available sets, reindeer ornaments, and penguin softies in my Etsy Shop.

I am just going to share a bunch of cuteness here now so hold onto your hats.

The reindeer ornaments are squishy little fun guys made from quilting cotton with accents of felt and sparkle. All the details are hand cut which give each reindeer it own personality and makes them all one of a kind. They are the perfect addition to your tree hanging from yarn holders.

The Penguin softies are soft and squishy to hug and cuddle. They are perfect on a shelf or for cuddling. They are made with soft cottons and smooth felt with sparkle details. Each Penguin is all cut out by hand and sewn individually for one of a kind perfection. They are ready to waddle into your homes.

The Reindeer ornaments would make the perfect accent to your doll room as well as they are the perfect size for a decorative pillow. As it is, every Christmas Doll Quilt set comes with a Christmas Patchwork Quilt as well as a large pillow, a lumber pillow and a cute accent pillow. The accent pillows are penguins for the Christmas quilts, and a variety of bears and hearts for the other quilts themed in the perfect fabrics to finish off the set. All quilts are quilted and hand bound just like all my full size quilts. They can be laundered just the same as well.

I am the kiddos designed these fun printables as well. They are all pdf downloads, the 8″ x 10″ come in both a 8.5″ x 11″ pdf for printing and trimming at home, or a 8″ x 10″ .jpg to print at an printshop.

The doll printables are a 8.5″ x 11″ pdf’s. They make perfect sized art for 18″ dolls like American Girl Dolls. We have two different styles. Each has 4 prints to cut out. The larger of the prints is a 4″ x 6″ and can be framed in that size frame. I have a video on how we attach the signs to balsa wood to make “canvas” on YouTube. One Printable has little gift tags as well. The other printable, one of the prints is a little hot cocoa banner I share how to make in the video as well.

My daughter Norah and I have an American Girl Doll Instagram called @juneandjuly_ag if you want to check that out for fun tutorials and rooms we make. The printables have that logo and name on them.

June and July AG Printable to Art Tutorial Video.

So there you have it! Penguins, and Reindeer, and Doll Quilts oh my! What a fun couple of months it’s been. Here’s to lots more just for fun sewing to get those creative wheels rolling. I hope you enjoyed all the cuties and if you want to take one home stop by my ETSY SHOP.

Thanks for stopping by!

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