The Weekender

I bought this pattern (The Weekender by Amy Butler) sooo long ago. Like 3+ years ago. I love this bag design, but it’s a bigger project and a lot of the reviews I read said that it takes a long time to make. So it sat in a basket of patterns for years. Recently (last fall) I noticed a bunch of quilters making them on Instagram and fell in love all over again. The Quilt as you go Method is very popular and looks awesome! I’m not sure who did the quilt as you go method first, maybe Elizabeth of Oh Fransson, and I’m pretty sure there is a post on someone’s? blog that shows a how to.

Anyway. I started mine before Christmas. Set it aside and decided to push through to finish it right  before we left for our trip to Miami last week (9 year anniversary trip: can you believe that?). I went with the quilt as you go method using my stash of selvedges I’ve been saving forever.

I cut the pattern pieces from white canvas, then a layer of batting, then I sewed the selvedges on top of the batting.  In hindsight I could have done without the batting. It adds nice thickness, but those seams around the bottom with all the selvedge fabric coming together were exceptionally brutal to sew through as they are super thick.

I didn’t waste selvedges on the inside of the pockets and used mainly a white and gray polka dot, but also used some of this lovely fruit fabric I love so much. The inside of the bag is the same white and gray polka dot.  I also used this awesome grass green canvas from Joann’s for the top zipper placket and the straps. I wanted to break up the selvedges a little bit and thought this made it look modern and fun.

This bag is HUGE. I was wondering as the side pieces don’t feel that big as your cutting them out. But once you get to the sides and bottom on it is so big. Bigger than my diaper bag, which is saying a lot. :)

Below it is holding a couple books, a magazine, a couple notebooks, a bag with my instax, the bigger bag with a knitting project, and the oilcloth bag with snacks, and there is still sooo much room left in it.

There are a couple things I would do differently than the pattern and what I did this time. I would use thicker cording, I went with the prepackaged cording from Joann’s to save time and because it’s thinner, the pattern calls for 1/4″ (I think) and that would probably have been perfect. It’s not as crisp as some I’ve seen and doesn’t hold it’s shape as nicely with the thinner cord. I also would (maybe will) sew the straps down right below the cording. I am not sure why the pattern calls for the first tack down to be a couple inches down the bag, and maybe it would be fine with thicker cord, but I think mine would be better with the straps tacked down higher up. Oh and in hindsight of my trip I should have taken a small purse to carry when I didn’t need it as carry-on or to tote beach towels around because it’s huge.  But  that’s it! I love it, especially all the selvedges, and the size, and the green. This is definitely my go to carry-on/big bag now. I think I may need to make another one that is plain. I love this bag by lbg Studio and I think these colors would make a fabulous Weekender.


Have you made a Weekender? Please share a link I would love to check it out. And if you haven’t, please go make one. :)


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Foldover Frenzy

Have you noticed all the Fold Over Clutches out there lately? I have been seeing them pop over all over and have fallen for them. I paired some lovely fabrics to make one for myself. Now I just need a place to use it. Perhaps a date is in order soon.

I used Anna Marie Horner Field Study Coordinates in Midnight which I am totally in love with. This print is AMAZING! I paired it with a mustard linen (Joanns) in my stash and a lovely, heather brown 100% wool felt for the corners. It is lined with Amy Butler’s Cameo Forget me Not in sugar.

I have a couple more of these cut out, I am thinking a giveaway may be in order. I will keep you posted! :)


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From:Me To:You

Do you know about my Handmade Gifting Page? If you don’t please, please check it out.

You can click on the picture above to go straight to the page, or the link up there right under my header all the way to the right has some more info on it.

But the general idea is, you go and like the Facebook page. Then each month I have a post you can nominate someone on. I like to hear why you nominate that specific person in about one sentence. I love it when people nominate others who are having a hard time, in the midst of a medical issue, or relationship problem. It’s nice for everyone, but especially people in rough times to feel love. And what better way to receive a handmade item specifically for them.  At the end of the month I randomly draw a name and then send that person a gift on behalf of the Nominator. No Stings Attached.

Here are a couple of gifts, I have given.

Owl Pillow – I have a few of these in my shop

Typewriter Case Bag

For my two year celebration last October I gave away two vintage sheet quilts I made.

Ruffled Apron

A Good Book Stitched Art

Just a few of the gifts I have made. You can click on the description to get more information on each one in their blog posts.

I usually don’t give items I have in my shop away, but sometimes, as you can see, if the item fits for the person I make one specifically for them. I find it a fun way to express my creativity in items I may not sell, or use for myself. I also just like giving to people, and I feel my creative gifts are a gift from God, and I have the responsibility to share what He has given me, be it by making things for people or teaching people.

I don’t always blog about the gifts, so you can see more in the albums on the Facebook page. I would love it if you came and had a visit.


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typewriter case

I made this bag for a From:Me To:You gift.  Don’t know what From:Me To:You is? It’s my facebook page, where I ask people to nominate someone to receive a handmade gift no strings attached. Check it out!

Anyway! The person who this gift is for, I know. She lives in California and is fun and funky, and enjoys music, writing, and unique things.

I used some of my Melody Miller Ruby Star Shining Typewriters in the mustard and pink colorway. I love this fabric so much. I think this style of bag highlights a fun larger print like this so well.

I topped the typewriters with a lovely navy linen I picked up not long ago. It doesn’t “match” but it “goes” perfectly. :)

I lined it with a lovely pink vintage sheet scrap i had in my stash. I also attempted using an old leather belt for straps, well two belts. :) I went on a hunt to the local Savers to find a long enough belt to make straps, and would you know, belts aren’t as long as they appear. :) I happened across two matching, or at least really really similar belts and they worked perfectly for the straps. I left one of the buckles on to add an extra detail.

I love this simple style of bag. It is just a boxed bottom, fully lined bag, but the fun fabrics and belt handles make it feel so special. I am going to be making more.

Don’t forget to head over to From:Me To:You’s Facebook Page and Nominate someone for August!


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Boxed Bag

Original title Huh? ;)

I have been seeing lots of boxed bags around the internet lately. Specifically one shabby chic and heyporkchops instagram – link to blog- (both fantastic blogs). I found a couple tutorials to run through to make sure they where constructed how I thought and got to work. (yep I’m on Instagram: woollypetals or Kristin Rauch will find me)

I picked up some lovely laminated fabric at my local quilting shop this week and thought I would use it for this. I also used an Amy Butler polka dot I had on hand to use as lining and the handle.

I think the zipper was 22″ to start but I cut it down to 18″ to fit the fabric I had on hand. I didn’t do anything different than the tutorials I read. This one from drago[knit]fly is the one I referenced the most.  I realized as I was making it that I have done lots of bags with these corners on the bottom, just not in this format.

The corners kicked my but this time. I think it’s the combo of not have seams to align and having to line up the handle so it’s symmetrical. Oh well after about half an hour longer than necessary from picking seams a bajillion times I finished it to my satisfaction. :) I tend to be very particular and know I won’t use something that I don’t feel is 100% right.

I do love it. This fabric is so gorgeous. I plan on using this bag for the knitting project I usually have in the works following me around the house. Currently it’s an infinity cowl and Luke loves to get into the yarn. So this bag will keep him from unrolling my ball again. :)

Just a quick shot of it open. It is pretty relaxed. I didn’t want it to be super stiff, but I could have probably used a bit thicker interfacing.

How about a bit of cuteness to finish this post off. :) I think he was excited his favorite song came on, Good Feeling by Flo-rida. :)

Let me know if any of you have made a boxed bag. I would love to hear about your experience and see pictures.  :)

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