Train Table for Christmas

I made Luke a Train Table for Christmas! I have wanted to make one for him ever since he was a babe and I saw Aubrey and Lindsay’s over at Little House Blog and thought the floor version was genius since we don’t have enough room for an actual table. Luke was only about a year last year for Christmas, still to little. But I saw Young House Love’s for there daughter this fall and that clenched it for his Christmas gift this year.

I determined the size based on the layout that worked best for our pieces and the size underneath our sofa which is where it will slide for storage. It is roughly 27″ wide x 52″ long. I purchased the Melissa and Doug figure 8 set and had some other random piece I had thrifted a year or so ago to add the hill and longer stretch to the track.

I had the board cut down at Home Depot (love that service) and then primed and painted it green. I then added a road, a pond, and some trees around the track. Leaving some large green space for imaginative play. It was a super simple process, just time consuming considering all the drying time. I Sealed with clear coat to help it last longer.

The tracks are nailed in the from the top, and the taller pieces and lifts for the hill track are screwed in from the bottom. I love the look of Young House Love’s with no nails, but I decided against that as I had to make shift this in my basement since our garage with all my tools and saw horses is not heated. I also used some wood glue on the taller parts that are more prone to get pulled off or shifted since they are not flush.

I think he likes it. :) He calls it his “road” or “track”. He is not into the actual trains as much as running his cars and motorcylces all over it. But I think he will get more into the trains as he gets older. :)  It made for a fun and successful Christmas.

Did you DIY any Christmas gifts this year? I would love to check them out if you did. :)


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InstaFriday – It’s Christmas Time

This past couple weeks have been lovely. Full of Family and Friends and lots of new toys! Not a lot of instagramming or online activity over here the last couple of weeks. Just soaking in the season and enjoying the joy of my son.

This is what we’ve been up too…

shopping lists were checked off / Bowties were worn / gingerbread houses were made

gifts were wrapped / snow that never came was watched for / zoo lights were seen

gifts were finished (and given) / music was listened to / water was consumed from my poppy and pearl glass

eyebrows were raised / train table was/is played with / fabricworm fabric was received


linking up with Jeannett at life rearranged for instafriday. 


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deck the halls

Decking our halls!

I finally took pictures of my Christmas Decor! Just in time to share before Christmas. :) I LOVE LOVE LOVE Christmas and decorating for it. Most of what I have is thrifted, made of gifted. I don’t often buy new decor aside from ornaments. :) Oh and you may notice I put some presents under the tree for the picture. :) I will see how Luke does with them after his nap. :)

I hope all your Christmas shopping is done and you can snuggle family, wrap gifts, and drink hot chocolate. I plan on doing some if not all of those things this weekend. :)


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Brown Paper Packages

I started wrapping gifts! I usually wait till the last minute before leaving or sending so this is good. Although, any packages I have to send may not arrive before Christmas! ;)

I always try to go with a theme for packaging. I like simple and cohesive so the last couple years I have gone with craft paper wrapping. This year I am using paper doilies, old library cards, black and white bakers twine, and these bright tags I found at Target last year. But I know they would be so easy to duplicate on your home computer.

I can’t pass up packages of vintage paper doilies at thrift stores, so I have quite a collection that doesn’t seem to dwindle. I used the doilies on gifts for women and girls, and I have a stack of library record cards I thrifted for the men and boys packages. You know they are a little more manly than doilies. :)

For gift cards I popped them in a brown bag with a some washi tape to keep closed. Simple and easy, and it looks cute.

Unfortunately I haven’t put any under the tree yet since Luke has tried to open a couple that where up there earlier. But that’s okay. I like seeing a little pile of gifts in my studio space. I still have a bunch to wrap but I think with this system I can do some whenever I get a chance and be done without any stress. :)

I have also had to wrap up some non Christmas related gifts lately. I have been whipping out these fabric scrap pompoms in such a short time to adorn them.

So I threw together a little tutorial for you on how I made mine. Although I am sure there are loads of great tutorials out there. :)

Cut long strips of fabric roughly 1/2″ wide. I just ripped mine from the edge of a vintage sheet I had. The longer the strip the fluffier the pompom. This one is probably 6 feet long.

Wrap the strip around 4 fingers, ( you could also cut a piece of cardboard for a bigger pompom or so you don’t have to use your hand)

I made two wraps, and then cut a 8″ strip. Lay the two wraps next to each other and tie in the middle with the extra piece.

Cut the folded edges by sliding you scissors into the fold. Fluff the pompom and tie onto your package. I also cut a bunch of strips 4″-8″ and tied them together just under the pompom to hang down.

The package pictured has 3 pompom of various thickness attached in a cluster.


Check out Kim of Oh Sweet Joy’s wrapping post today! It looks like we are both fans of craft paper wrapping. ;)


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I finally got Luke’s advent calendar done on the 2nd. :) This year I realize he isn’t really old enough to “get” it, but it will be fun and help me to be more deliberate in making the effort to do Holiday things like baking cookies with him, seeing the zoo lights, and donating toys to tots.

I adapted the idea of the ones my mom made for us when we where little. (sorry no picture) They were a fabric strip roughly 4″ wide by 36″-48″ tall with batting in between the layers. She then evenly space yarn strings down the middle and tied a wrapped piece of candy to each strand. Each day we would get to untie the next piece of candy and indulge which was a super special treat since we rarely got candy.

This is a really simple way to make a calendar. You don’t have to sew if you don’t want to. I did however sew a pocket at the top and bottom so there were no raw edges showing and for the string to thread through. But I don’t think that’s even necessary. It’s more personal preference. I then used yarn and a plastic yarn needle to thread the individual strings through the weave and tie in a knot. I spaced them roughly 3″ apart based on how tall my upholstery tape. The weave is nice and loose so it was super easy to do this. If you used a different medium than upholstery tape you make just have to use a sharper needle.

I cut some ornament shapes out with my silhouette to use for activities, and then wrapped just a couple little dollar gifts like a matchbox motorcycle, some glow sticks, a slinky, and a Christmas ornament. I punched holes in the gifts and the ornament tags and tied them onto the individual strings. The ornaments have some things on them like, wrap a present, make a string wall Christmas tree, bake cookies, and a couple cheats like: special treat, and open one of a couple of Christmas books to read.

He has opened/done four already and seams to think it’s fun. :) I am hoping next year I can be more on the ball to have it done early and also incorporate the advent bible verses since Luke will be at a better age for that.


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Flea Market Loot

So… Yes, I had a Flea Market Booth and I sold lots of stuff. But I also bought a few things! ;) So I thought I would share with you guys!

I found some truly fantastic stuff! Several feed sacks, some of which are bright yellow (already working on a project with these), a lovely vintage quilt top for $10 (It is in rough shape so I will be cutting it up), some fun quilt blocks,  an awesome suitcase, some mini glass ornaments, a giant world map, new england ginger ale label, a playskool wooden mailbox, the cool canvas is hand written and I LOVE it, a and can you even handle the christmas tin? I couldn’t and for $1 I HAD to buy it.


Yes, I may have too much fun at Flea Markets! My favorite score to date is a vintage USA pull down map in the yummiest of colors. You may have caught a glimpse of it in various home pictures. It cost me a whopping $6. Have you ever scored big or found one of your favorite treasures at a flea market?


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snow snow snow

I spent a little time enjoying crafting tonight instead of rushing, rushing, rushing to get stuff done which is all I have been doing as of late. I had a rather enjoyable time putting this little snowglobe together.

I had a wide mouth ball jar without a lid I found at goodwill recently and thought it would make an excellent faux snowglobe.  I used bottle brush trees I found at Joann’s and a deer I found at a local toy and hobby store.  The snow is eco snow made from potato starch I found at Joann’s also.

Once I had the base done, I started added embellishments. I formed the word Joy from a couple vintage pipe cleaners and hung it from some red braided floss. I then wrapped the opening in chunky yarn and added some vintage earrings and button.

I love it! I had so much fun and can’t wait to make a couple more with my mom at Christmas!  You better believe she has some vintage trees we can use. I will definitely be searching for some more next year and vintage deer too. The best part the trees and the deer are just placed inside so I can swap them out as I feel like it. :)

The above pictures are from instagram. If you want to follow me on there I’m under woollypetals. :) I find I use my iphone camera so much more than I used the camera on my blackberry. It’s so much better and fun with all the apps.

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So the wheels have been turning since seeing the Pinterest Challenge at younghouselove a week or so ago! They are so right, we pin, and pin, and pin, but are we doing anything with all this pinspiration? I didn’t have time to take on the challenge when they first announced it, but I finally decided the other night I needed to do some just for fun/relaxing crafting. So I browsed my pinterest boards and this one is what stuck out to me the most at that moment. Oh my gosh I love this so much!  So I started pulling and cutting fabrics and this is what I came up with.

Not bad! :) I rather like it. It ended up measuring somewhere around 24″ square. I haven’t decided what to do with it yet. I have some time before it will be the proper season! ;) I am thinking either a super chunky white ornate frame or I have been tossing the idea around of making a bunch of these trees in different sizes, I think tall and skinny would be to fun, a making a Christmas quilt!

I made a mini patchwork 6 point star to top it off. I just used my knowledge I have gained on these stars from making my swoon quilt blocks which apparently is not much since it took me like 6 tries to figure this thing out. Yikes! p.s. it was late. ;)

It’s the same process that I am using for my stacked quilt (which I have a completed stack to share) without the wonkiness I am using for the quilt. Just cut different size strips and lay out till it looks right and then sew together.

So that’s my Pinterest pinspiration creation!  Oh and I’m pretty sure I will be making some of these, maybe smaller? for my mom, sister, and aunt for Christmas decor because I know they would all love it. ;) Those I will frame.

Have you completed any projects inspired by Pinterest lately? I’d love to see them so leave me a link. Oh and if you’d like to follow me or check out my boards my Pinterest link is on the right.

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