baby Trianlges

This sweet little baby quilt was my first attempt at triangles.  It was a From:Me To:You gift for a sweet little baby boy.


Lets just say triangles are a little harder than I first thought.  I learned that it’s best to cut them with the notches taken out of the corners for better lining up as I’m sewing. I need to get some templates as I think those would be way easier than winging it. :) After a little trial and error I was able to figure it out. I would definitely recommend taking it slow till you hit your groove.

Since the quilt turned out so cute and I LOVE the look of triangles it was totally worth it and I can’t wait to jump into another triangle quilt. You know inbetween the 20 already in progress quilts, the toddler, the almost here new baby, and general daily stuff. Plenty of time right? ;)

I quilted it with a simple outline on either side of each triangle and around the edges. Simple and sweet.

I’m taking a little maternity leave from From:Me To:You for the summer but stop by and check out the Facebook page. I may have a surprise or two nominations over the summer and as always if anybody is interested in contributing a gift let me know via email and we will get that set up. You would ship directly to the nominee.


Thanks so much for stopping by and hanging in there during the sparse posting. :) T-4 days till my due date and She will be getting evicted late next week if she doesn’t decide to come out sooner. :)

Plus Quilt

Vintage fabric and sheets make such lovely quilts don’t you think?

I just can’t seem to stay away from vintage sheets when I am thrifting. So I have quite a stash. I use the fabric fro various projects but My bins keep reaching capacity so I made another quilt to giveaway. It was for The 3rd anniversary of my Facebook gifting and encouraging page From:Me To:You. It is currently in the mail to it’s recipient. I hope she likes it.

This is such a simple quilt to make, a great one for beginners. It has a lovely impact with simple construction. I basically pulled all the vintage fabrics I had out and cut 5 6″ squares of a bunch of different fabrics. I layed them out and once I had the general size I cut the squares for the partial pluses around the border.  You just sew the squares in strips keeping track of the order of your strips and then sew the strips together. So Easy. Do it! ;) This one’s a throw size! Although I didn’t’ measure.

I quilted my favorite loopy design with a full vintage sheet on the back, and then bound it with another vintage sheet. :) I am still a hand stitch binder. I can not do the machine stitching even though the hand stitching ruins my fingers for a day and takes forever. It just looks sooo much better in my opinion to take the time to hand stitch. Plus, hehe, I get to sit and be still while I hand stitch which is a treat with an active toddler I chase around constantly.

Please come by my facebook page From:Me To:You and nominate someone to receive a handmade gift from me for free! No Strings Attached!


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Insta Saturday again…

Another Busy week as passed us by! Sharing my insatgrams a day late again. Oh well! :) Being busy just means we are getting lots done and having fun, right?!?!?

Linking up with Jeanett from life rearranged. Thanks so much for hosting Jeanett


Contemplating polkdotting a cardigan / Luke found some wheels / Knitting a hulu while I wait for my hubby to come to bed

Made myself a top with this awesome Field Study print / Playing play doh / Luke made you a play doh cookie. yum.

We went to the zoo on our 80+ degree weather day / I blogged about my new wall color in my living room /Luke being silly per usual

I finally got some art up on the wall in our upstairs hallway / Eating is much better with Mommies fork / Quilting the From:Me To:You October Prize. Have you nominated anyone this month?


Here’s to a productive and on time ;) week! Do you instagram? I would love to check out your feed.


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InstaSaturday! yep….that’s what I’m going with.

It has been a busy week with my husband away and preparing for a garage sale. But here I am tired and happy all that stuff is out of my house joining in on sharing my instagrams.


Linking up with Jeannett who throws an awesome instagram link up party every Friday!

Jumping Luke/ I painted my living room this past weekend – three coats, ugh /Sliding at the park

A sneak peek at the new White paint – post coming soon / Luke being silly after nap / A new haircut and a bath

A peek at the From:Me To:You Quilt for October – have you nominated to win yet? / Luke with a favorite / I finally remembered to share my lovely fallswap loot

Luke enjoying a special treat – for like 5 seconds / I had a garage sale, it was good / Luke spent the day with my parents who live a couple hours away while I sold stuff. ;)


Yep that’s our week in a nutshell, well most of it!


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From:Me To:You 3 years running

Hello Friends!

I thought I would take a moment to talk about my pet project on Facebook. From:Me To:You.

It is a page I created 3 years ago as a place anybody can come and nominate a person in there life to receive a handmade gift by me.  I select one person a month through a random drawing and make a gift for them based on the info the Nominator gives me for that person.

I thought I would share a couple of the gifts I have sent out recently.

Please hop over to From:Me To:You to Nominate somebody for the November gift! I am giving away a quilt to the winning Nominator and per usual sending a custom made gift to the Nominee.


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From:Me To:You

Do you know about my Handmade Gifting Page? If you don’t please, please check it out.

You can click on the picture above to go straight to the page, or the link up there right under my header all the way to the right has some more info on it.

But the general idea is, you go and like the Facebook page. Then each month I have a post you can nominate someone on. I like to hear why you nominate that specific person in about one sentence. I love it when people nominate others who are having a hard time, in the midst of a medical issue, or relationship problem. It’s nice for everyone, but especially people in rough times to feel love. And what better way to receive a handmade item specifically for them.  At the end of the month I randomly draw a name and then send that person a gift on behalf of the Nominator. No Stings Attached.

Here are a couple of gifts, I have given.

Owl Pillow – I have a few of these in my shop

Typewriter Case Bag

For my two year celebration last October I gave away two vintage sheet quilts I made.

Ruffled Apron

A Good Book Stitched Art

Just a few of the gifts I have made. You can click on the description to get more information on each one in their blog posts.

I usually don’t give items I have in my shop away, but sometimes, as you can see, if the item fits for the person I make one specifically for them. I find it a fun way to express my creativity in items I may not sell, or use for myself. I also just like giving to people, and I feel my creative gifts are a gift from God, and I have the responsibility to share what He has given me, be it by making things for people or teaching people.

I don’t always blog about the gifts, so you can see more in the albums on the Facebook page. I would love it if you came and had a visit.


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From:Me To:You October 2011 Quilts

So I finally got these two quilts back from the quilters and got them bound over Christmas. I could not be more happy with how they turned out. :) They are gifts to The October Nomination winner and her Nominee in celebration of 2 years of gifts at From:Me To:You.

I got to deliver one in person as the Nominator Olivia happened to be in town over Christmas Break, and I have sent the other off to Olivia’s best friend whom she nominated.

Quilt #1

They are made completely of Vintage Sheets, with the exception of the white stars, which is Kona Snow.

I started buying vintage sheets, bedspreads, and pillowcases several years ago. I look for bright colors, a sizeable portion in good condition since I just use them for fabric, and prints that are not a dime a dozen (although I buy those too ;). I use larger sheets I find as quilt backs quite often because they don’t have to be pieced as much and are soft from many washes.

Quilt #2

I didn’t crop this picture as it has Luke in it and it cracks me up. :) He is probably thinking something like “what the heck are you doing dad standing on the couch behind a big quilt”!

Sorry this one is blurry but I didn’t realize it till after the quilts where gone. :) It’s just a simple blue and white polka dot back.

For these two quilts I mainly used pillowcases, with a couple different prints from whole sheets that where cut into. I still have tons of vintage sheet fabric left over, so you better believe I will be making more quilts with similar prints.

This pattern was super easy, I saw a similar quilt on flickr and just sketched it out on graph paper deciding my final dimensions and started cutting. Once all of the blocks where cut, pieced, and sewn together, I thought the quilts needed to be a bit bigger so I added a nice border. I am so glad I did this, I think it enhanced them so much.

If you would like to join my Facebook  page From:Me To:You to nominate people to receive handmade gifts, and possibly get a surprise quilt or gift yourself. Check it out! :)

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This month for From:Me To:You Gifts I was having some crafty block! But after I saw Meg’s Craft weekend post (Doesn’t it look like they all had the best time) I was reminded how much I love ruffled aprons. So that is where I headed.


It is for a lady who I am told loves to cook breakfast for her family. I hope this apron brightens the morning for her a bit.

It is definitely something I really wanted to keep for myself. :) But of course I didn’t. I may be whipping one of these up soon for myself.


I also wanted to update you all on my new owl. I did change his eyes a bit. I think it helps. :) Less angry hopefully! Because he told me how happy he was to be going to live with his new owner. :)

October is going to be a bit sparse as we  have several trips lined up this month, one long, and one medium length. :) I will definitely share more after we get back!

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From:Me To:You Quilts


These are the two completed Quilt Tops for my From:Me To:You Giveaway in October, ready to go to the Quilters. :) This will be the first time I have used a professional quilter and I am so excited, and a tad sad I can’t keep them. :) But I know they will be loved by there new owners.


They are made completely with vintage sheets! Yay! It barely diminished my stash so I will be making lots more projects with them.  I will of course share the completed quilts when they are done before I send them away.


Thanks for stopping by!

From:Me To:You Quilt Giveaway!

I am making two quilts from Vintage sheets to giveaway on my Facebook Project From:Me To:You in October. Here is one of the quilt tops on my loveseat. It has large 8 point stars on a sea of vintage prints.


I will be posting more sneak peeks as I make the quilts. Go to my Facebook Page to find out how you and a friend could both win them. From:Me To: You


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