Wash Your Paws Quilt Pattern Update

Wash Your Paws Quilt Pattern Update

Let’s get into the Wash Your Paws Quilt Pattern Update. The Wash Your Paws Quilt Pattern was released as a free pattern in March of 2020. Was your Paws seemed like a fitting name based on the times we were living in in the spring of 2020.

The original below is 63″ square and uses 6.5″ squares. This pattern can be made scrappy or more color blocked. It has so many fun options.

Wash Your Paws Quilt FREE PATTERN

In December of 2021 I decided to make a Christmas version and made it bigger adding an extra border and switching the background to patchwork as well. I added a page to the pattern then to share how to sew this version up.

in spring of 2022 I made a version using a Charm Pack, 5″ squares that finish at 4.5″. I increased the background sizes to make the quilt a 60″ square and a decent size. I am finally getting around to adding that version to the pattern.


So now with the Wash Your Paws Quilt Pattern Update you can download the PDF that has the original version and the bonus pages for the the two bonus versions. I also share that you can omit the background borders in the Charm pack version and make a nice 38″ square baby quilt.

This is a FREE pattern that will remain free forever. I did change the way it is downloaded though So I can fingers crossed see how many people are downloading. I just think that’s fun!

But it’s my way of saying thank you for being here. As well as giving an introduction to my pattern writing style.

I hope you will make it, or make it again and share it with me. Email me, or use the hashtag #washyourpawsquilt on social media so I can see it.


Thanks so much for stopping by!

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