How to Make any Number of HSTs at One Time

How to Make any Number of HSTs at One Time

I was researching How to Make any number of HSTS at one time recently and stumbled across a video by Diary of a Quilter who was explaining a method for one of her patterns. Her video I just linked is great and to the point.

And it hit me! You can really use that method to make as many HSTs at one time in ANY SIZE as you want. So I am going to attempt to explain it. I also made a YouTube Video explaining it.

Now typically I make my HSTs 2 at a time. Lol. I know that might drive some people crazy but I love a very scrappy vibe and don’t love using the same HST fabric combo in 1 block. So making a lot at a time just wasn’t for me. I think I have done 8 a time. With a different method for a pattern I have sewn before. But a couple time recently I needed a lot of HSTs in the same two fabrics. So I did my research to figure out how.

woollypetals Tutorial how to make Any amount of HSTs in any size at one time.

Grid Method

In a nutshell you can draw a grid of any size square with on point squares drawn in the grid to connect the squares. Then sew 1/4″ along either side of the diagonal lines, cut it all apart and make HSTs. But let’s explain further.

woollypetals drawn Diagram for Any amount of HSTs in any size at one time.

You are going to start with a grid of squares. The square size should be the size you would cut a square for 2 at a time HSTs, .5″-.75″ bigger than the trimmed HST size. The grid can be laid out as two squares to make 4 HSTs, 3 squares to make 6 HSTs, 4 squares to make 8 HSTs, and so on. For every square you add to the grid you will make 2 more HSTs. See the Diagrams above as an example. Those squares can be any size. Solid lines in diagram are the grid, dotted lines are the seams.

Then you connect the grid with the diagonal lines to make squares on point. You will then sew 1/4″ on either side of every diagonal line. And cut everything apart on the grid lines and and the diagonal lines.

woollypetals any HSTs at one time fabric prepped to sew.

I like to draw a grid out on a piece of paper to figure out how big it is first. It doesn’t have to be to scale. Then cut a rectangle the actual to scale size of your grid (technically it could also be a square) out of the two HST fabric and place these right sides together. Once that is done, draw your grid to scale on the wrong side of one rectangle, draw the diagonal lines as well. Then pin together and sew 1/4″ to either side of only the diagonal lines.

Once sewn, cut apart the rectangle on all the grid lines and the diagonal lines.

Now all that’s left is to trim all those HSTs. Lol. Not my favorite part. The two methods is use are. Trim two sides before ironing open by aligning the diagonal line on your ruler with the seam. Or iron open and trim all four sides. I find trimming all fours sides after I iron is more accurate for me. So I tend to do that even though it takes a little more time.

HST Sizes

I would highly recommend watching the YouTube Video I made for How to make any number of HSTs in any size at one time. It further explains this technique since videos can so often give us more intel than a written description.

Check out this guide for HST sizes. It’s a quick cheat sheet for figuring out what size to cut for finished HST sizes 1″ – 12″.

woollypetals guide to HST square size cutting

Final Thoughts

My mind was blown when I watched Amy Smarts video. Her video was about making a specific size for a specific amount in one of her awesome patterns. And I was just struck by how we could use that same technique to really make any size in any amount. I hope I explained it enough for you to do that also!

Check out the YouTube Video Here where I explain How to make any number of HST in any size at one time and make 24 HSTs at one time. I am working on HST fabric to make an Oxbow tote by Noodlehead as well as, fingers crossed, a quilt jacket.

My patterns that you can use this awesome trick for.

New Star Quilt Pattern – made for Beginner Quilters. But is a great pattern for anyone.

Wash Your Paws – A free giant Bear paw quilt.

Thanks for stopping by!

2 thoughts on “How to Make any Number of HSTs at One Time

  1. A friend and I were at a quilt retreat this weekend and couldn’t find a tutorial or blog post explaining the method that did not require trimming the HSTs after they are made. We figured out the measurements for the exact size she needed and she drew the grid precisely at the size required. Her’s were perfectly accurate without the need to trim 64 HSTS down to size.

    1. That’s wonderful. I used to never trim my HSTs and then started to and was shocked at how much better they were trimmed for me. Lol. I love that you all are accurate enough to not have to trim. That saves SOOOOO much time.

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