Woollypetals Mini Quilt Swap 2024

Woollypetals Mini Quilt Swap 2024

It’s back! The second (annual?) Woollypetals Mini Quilt Swap will be kicking off soon! Here’s the details you need in order to sign up and participate. There’s a lot of information, but I promise everything will run smoother if you take few minutes to read the whole thing. :) Sign Ups are Closed.

Top Left: Bear Paw (no pattern) Top Middle: Beatrice Bulldog FPP Pattern Top Right: EPP (no pattern) Bottom left: Single Manatee from woollypetals Manatee Migration Pattern Middle: Hearts All Around Block from woollypetals Pattern Middle Right: Cats in Space Block made by Kayla (stitchkaylastitch) Middle Bottom: The Winking Santa Mug FPP Pattern made by Stephanie (stephkthomas) Bottom Right: Geometric Sewing Machine FPP Pattern made by Jen (Jenniferjohnston80) When no maker is noted the Mini Quilts are made by me (Kristin).

What’s a Mini Quilt Swap?

The mini swap is a chance for you to make and ship a mini quilt to another participant in the Instagram quilting community. Meanwhile, someone else will secretly be making and shipping one to you. The whole process happens on a set timeline so that everyone is working (virtually) alongside each other and posting about their progress. Participants are located all over the world and there’s no cost to join.

The mini quilts are just like full size quilts (finished with batting, backing and bound edges) – just smaller. They should be between 12″ and 24″ in size.

Woollypetals Star Petals Mini Quilt Pattern

Star Petals Mini Quilt Pattern by Woollypetals and made by me

How to Sign Up

You can sign up via the link at the bottom of this post until June 20th, 2024.

The form will collect your basic info (name, Instagram name, address, etc.) as well as your skill level and swap preferences (ex: where you’re willing to ship). You’ll also share your design style (favorite colors, fabrics, etc.) so that the person making a quilt for you can sew something you’ll love.

Note: Sign ups may close early if we reach capacity.

What Happens After Sign Up

Once the sign up period ends I’ll get to work verifying everyone is a good fit (ex: your IG profile needs to be public) and assigning each approved person to a swap pod.

Each swap pod will have about 20 participants and be lead by a swap mama. The swap mamas will be there to answer questions as well as keep everyone on track. The pods are new this year and a way to build additional community within the larger mini quilt swap.

You’ll receive an email the last week of June confirming that you’ve been accepted into the swap.

On July 1st, you’ll get another email with additional instructions, an intro to your swap mama, and details about the person you’re making for (swap recipient). At the same time a mystery person will get your info so they can start making something for you. :)

Purring Heart Mini by Kelly (Keepittogether Quilts) made by me

Progress and Check-Ins

Once we start, you’ll receive a weekly email with progress prompts and check-in instructions.

Weekly check-ins are required because it helps us make sure everyone is participating and that each swap recipient has a maker that’s working toward making and shipping their mini quilt.

  • Each week I’ll post to Instagram and email the specific items you should be completing.

  • Each check in will require posting a picture of your progress to Instagram. You’ll tag your swap mama and me on the posts as well as use the #woollypetalsminiquiltswap2024 hashtag so that everyone participating can find you.

  • If you don’t post by the deadline your swap mama will message you to determine if you’re still active and able to complete the swap. Please don’t make her chase you down! If you miss your check-in deadline AND don’t respond to your swap mama within 24 hours, we may remove you from the swap.

The biggest thing I ask is that you COMMUNICATE with your swap mama if anything comes up. Life happens (we understand!), but since you’ll have someone counting on you – we need to make sure you’re on track. If you need to drop out, the sooner we know the sooner we can work on finding an angel maker to take over your swap recipient.

Schedule for the 2024 Woollypetals Mini Quilt Swap

  • Sign Up Deadline: June 20th – Use the link at the bottom of this post.

  • Acceptances: June 23rd – June 30th – Confirmation emails will be sent this week.

  • Week 1 Starts: July 1st – Emails sent with swap mama, swap recipient info, and first week check-in details.

  • Check-in 1 Due: July 7th – Share a grid post or carousel on Instagram of 9+ photos of Inspiration. Typically this is other mini quilts, small projects, fabric inspiration, and things that you would love to receive. The more you share the more your maker can customize your mini for you. Don’t forget to tag all the makers whose work you are sharing.

  • Week 2 Starts: July 8th – Instagram post and email sent with second week check-in instructions.

  • Check-in 2 Due: July 14th – Post a picture of your fabric pull or the pattern you have decided to make your recipient.

  • Week 3 Starts: July 15th – Instagram post and email sent with third week check-in instructions.

  • Check-in 3 Due: July 21st – Post a progress picture.

  • Week 4 Starts: July 22nd – Instagram post and email sent with fourth week check-in instructions.

  • Check-in 4 Due: July 28th – Post a progress picture showing a finished (or nearly completed) mini. Could be a full shot or just a snippet of the binding, quilting, etc.

  • Week 5 Starts: July 29th – Instagram post and email sent with fifth week check-in instructions.

  • Check-in 5 Due: August 5th – Share a finished mini or a package ready for shipping (no addresses though) Ship no later than August 5th and message your swap mama confirming the package is out the door.

  • Packages Arrive: August 6th+ – You (and your swap recipient) should receive your package soon. Shipping times are unpredictable, so it may take a week or more. Once it arrives, please notify your swap mama ASAP so it can be marked as received.

  • Thank You: Once you open your package, please reach out to your maker and thank them. Just as you’ll be excited for your recipient to receive what you’ve made, your maker would love to hear from you!

I made this for the first mini quilt swap I ever joined, and it’s just simple sewing. Flying geese, HSTs, and straight sewing. The ombre’ fabric adds a smooch of interest. This mini quilt still gets shared for inspiration in swaps. You don’t have to do FPP, EPP or crazy elaborate stuff! Just use your imagination. This is the Swoon Quilt Block by Thimble Blossoms.

Mini Quilt Details

Your goal is to use the style and interest information that your swap recipient shared in order to make something they’ll love. If their style is different than yours, use it as an opportunity to stretch yourself creatively.

Quilt Specific Requirements

  • The mini should be between 12″ and 24″. Any combo is fine (12″x12″, 18″x24″, etc.).

  • Any shape works. Squares, rectangles, circles, pendants, ovals…

  • The quilt must have a batting layer, and a backing.

  • It must be quilted. Machine or hand quilting is fine.

  • There must be binding around the border (or have a finished edge if you want to do an invisible binding)

  • BONUS (optional): A label is a great finishing touch and will always be there to remind your recipient who its from. Last year we had some makers even add the swap name or the recipient’s name as well.

Extras and Shipping

Extras are additional items that senders will often include in the package for their swap recipient. This is completely optional, but a fun, thoughtful touch that recipients love.

Extras Ideas:

  • A little something sewn by you like a pouch or a coaster.

  • A little something printed like a crafty/quilty art print, card, or sticker.

  • A little something quilty like a notion, fat quarter, thread, ribbons, labels, etc.

  • Candy or something they like. (Note: chocolate / things that can melt might not be ideal.)

Again, extras are NOT required, but they are often included. It’s part of the fun. Don’t stress about it though; 1 or 2 thoughtful items is totally acceptable. I usually do a post during the swap with visuals of some fun example items.

Ship your mini quilt in a small, padded mailer. In the US, the priority padded mailer is roughly 9″ by 12″ and works great. If shipping internationally, select as close to that size as possible.

Padded mailers add a layer of protection for your quilt. I also recommend wrapping your mini and extras in a plastic bag if your mailer’s material is not water proof.

Don’t forget to include a note with your name AND your Instagram name. It can be easy to forget and then your recipient won’t know who you are. Whoops!

Reasons You Should NOT Join the Swap

Not sure if the Woollypetals Mini Quilt Swap is right for you? Here’s a few things to consider:

  • Did you read the WHOLE blog post? If not, this swap isn’t for you. :) I like people who have all the information.

  • Are you available during the whole swap or able to work ahead for times you’re gone? If not, this swap isn’t for you. Being able to share progress for the check-ins is a crucial part of the community experience.

  • Are you ACTIVE on Instagram? Do you post crafty things? We want participants that will join in and engage with the community. If you prefer to just lurk in the background, this swap may not be for you. (Note: a public Instagram account is required to sign up.)

  • Is your style similar to the Woollypetals style? If you have majorly different style (very traditional or batik), this swap may not be for you. I wouldn’t turn you away for having a different style, but most of the participants will have a style similar to what I post on my account. Just something to keep in mind.

  • Are you confident in your quilting skills? You don’t have to be an expert, but you should be able to execute a nice basic mini quilt. Clean seam allowances, straight seams, nicely finished binding. If you’re not quite there yet, this swap may not be for you. (Note: If you’re just getting started, check out my free beginner quilting course instead.)

My goal in sharing all this is not to scare you away, but to make sure that everyone that signs up is going to be successful, enjoy interacting with the community, and send & receive the best mini quilt possible.

Join the Woollypetals Mini Quilt Swap!

Sign Ups are closed! Thanks so much!

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