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So on Wednesday night my husband informs me we are leaving for Arizona the following evening. Where we will be staying in our own private house with a pool, and relaxing for the weekend, in celebration of my 26th birthday. Wow! Isn’t he wonderful? He had it planned for several weeks and even had my best friends make up plans for all weekend so I wouldn’t suspect anything. Yeah he’s good, and he’s all mine. : ) Thanks babe for a great getaway.The houses private pool. Oh it was soo nice to swim whenever and hangout in the shade of the overhang.The view from behind the bar/butlers area into the kitchen. The Family room is to the left, and the master bedroom and main living room is down that hallway in the middle. Yes it was a very large house.Me being silly next to a huge cactus.This is the fabulous house that we were so blessed to stay in.

And in other news, I have purchased my batting and backing for my quilt via the quilt along, and am ready to go. Now just to find the time. : )

I am loving this quilt along. I am so looking forward to my soft and cozy quilt to curl up with this winter. Here is my finished quilt top all ready to be backed and quilted.I used lot of random fabric that all coordinate around this fabric.Check out all the great photos over at the Quilt Along Flickr Group.

I decided to join the Paint Party over at 320 Sycamore so here are a couple of rooms in my house that I have painted and love the colors.This is my Living Room, it originally looked like this. I just recently painted it, the central hall, staircase, and upstairs hall in this color. I am so in love with it. It is the perfect beige gray color. Glidden : Toasty GreyAnother view from the Living room to the central hall into the downstairs bath. Glidden : Toasty GreyThis cabinet is in my Dining Room, I found it on the side of the road and restored and painted it. The white is a just the white enamel left over from my trim, and the green is Glidden : Napa Valley . The Dining Room was this color when we moved in so I can’t take credit, but I do love it. Benjamin Moore : Mayflower Red The Downstairs bath is another room I painted. I like to go bold with either paint or fabrics in a bath so this one I went for the paint. Glidden : A.S.A.P (only took two coats)

As a designer I do really like to use the Aura Paint by Benjamin Moore, as it is a very easy paint, thick and covers well. But as a home owner/designer who likes to paint quite often, Glidden has become a great in-expensive stand by for me. I would highly recommend it, available at Home Depot.

Thanks so much 320 Sycamore for hosting the Paint Party.

I have been working on a couple projects lately. I have been in love with bright colors lately, and applique. So I am incorporating those loves into some pillows.A finished Pillow with Pear AppliqueA Pillow in the works with 2 applique.

I have designed a new flower pin that I dubbed Posies, they are crafted of vintage chenille blankets, wool felt, vintage buttons, and various notions.Fancy Posie has deep turquoise tulle with tulle knots and glass bead center, all adorning beautiful pea colored wool felt. Fun and Flirty Posie has beautiful original pink chenille, intermix with pea colored wool felt, adorned with a pink vintage button. This Fun and Flirty Posie has white chenille intermixed with navy wool felt, and is adorned with a lovely vintage button.

Check them out in my etsy shop soon.

I found this Quiltalong and instantly joined. I am so excited to make a quilt for myself. I have wanted to for awhile but always feel like it’s to big of a project. But this quilt along makes it sound so managable. So here are my super fun fabrics. I am still thinking of a name for my quilt, but I will keep you posted.
They are all random brands from a nice little fabric store in Naperville, Joann’s, and my stash. All cut out and ready to go.

I found out last week that I won the drawing over at furturegirl.com. I received my very fun pompom kit in the mail just the other day, and I can’t wait to make them.
This is my pompom kit. I am so happy I received it in Pinks. Thanks so much Alice for the giveaway.

Okay so I have many other projects in the works right now, and I recently purchased a new Canon EOS Rebel XS by recommendation from my Professional Photographer Brother and Spouse. I am loving it and am slowly taking more photos daily of life and projects. I am hoping this will spur me on to posting more to share my life with you. So here is a little glimpse from my week.Grandpa and Mom on Memorial Day trip outside Grandpa’s Shed.

What my life currently looks like and often feels like.

Lately it’s like all I do is work, sleep, work, fight with husband, sleep. I just can’t to seem to get out of this rut of being someone that I don’t like. I am need of inspiration to be a better women, wife, artist, designer. You name it I need to fix something in every aspect of my life. I often wonder what I will be like as a mother. Do I really want to bring children into my life when I can’t manage to make it work right without them. Um… something to ponder for sure.A trash picked old dresser that I will fix, paint, and use in a nursery someday.

A super cool piece that I trash picked also. I was also a little shocked that someone was throwing this away.

A trio of Giraffe’s I made for some sweet little girls turning 3 and 4.

From left to right: Deborah, Stacey, Bertha, Teresa, Sara : Thanks so much ladies

And finally the mushroom swap I did and posted about years ago. I received these lovelies from the swap and have them perch so I see them everyday. Thanks so much for the great mushrooms ladies.

Thanks for listening to my little woe is me rant. I hope to be back sooner this time with a sunnier disposition.

I have been looking for a good swap to participate in lately. And came across this one from knitsonya. I love fun handmade mushrooms, so I thought it couldn’t hurt to try it out. So I get to make 5 mushrooms and send them in to knitsonya and then I will receive 5 different mushrooms from her. It’s a win win situation in my book. So in honor of the mushroom swap I have pulled some great mushrooms from etsy./ littledear / appalachia / littlebluelove / worddesign40 / madebymavis / junebugsinjuly /

I have had this piece of furniture hanging around since April ’08. I purchased it at a little antique store near Iowa City, IA on an outing for my mom’s birthday. It has been forlornly sitting in my garage since, as I haven’t known what to do with it.After all my Christmas wrapping, not having a good place to store all of my wrapping stuff or a good place to wrap. I decided that I would turn this into my wrapping center.
So here it is completed. I Cleaned it up and replaced the old broken knobs with new red ceramic ones. I then attached the wire basket (IKEA) to the bottom of one side, and screwed two wire picture hangers towards the top, then I tied a piece of fabric between them to hold my rolls of wrapping paper.
I also added baskets inside to hold boxes, tissue paper, bags, and other fun canisters for wrapping. In the drawer I placed a few plastic organizers for tags, tape, scissors, and various writing utensils. I am very happy with how it turned out and think that this will make my wrapping and packaging so much easier. So if anybody has a small cabinet that they aren’t sure what to do with, this could be the perfect solution. It is for me.

Here are some pictures of some fun little snowmen I have been working on lately. They are made from glass jars and bottles.
My personal favorite is the gentleman with the top hat. I think he is so charming.
But of course I love the rest just as much. :)

This is a photo from my Craft show a couple weeks ago. I did pretty well, and had a blast hanging out with a friend. Thanks to everybody who put up with me, and helped me the week of.

I have been making some fun stuff lately. The Owl above is something I have had in mind for awhile to make. I love owls. But I haven’t been able to figure out the body, I didn’t want to do a one piece head and body, because the seems so popular, and I don’t want to copy. So it finally clicked last night how to make it. So there he is. Edgar the Owl.

These guys are for my up coming craft show. I am working on lots of winter and christmas stuff. They are just protypes so I will probably change the embroidery, or accessorize differently with each one.