And Again

Well I had such a great time doing the Old Red Barn Co. Quilt Along that I decided to join the same ladies in the zig-zag quilt along. Here are my fabrics all cut and laid out. Can’t wait for week two to start sewing. That starts tomorrow (well technically today).I love the new fabrics. I purchased them off etsy from fresh squeezed fabrics. And was super happy with how quickly she shipped them, and the fabrics are wonderful.
I have been smitten with embroidery lately and am working on a project. Here’s a peek at it currently.Stay tuned for the final project. : )
Okay I should probably go to bed or at least try. So I leave you with this cuteness.

Checking things off!

I have been super busy lately. Lots of work to do, lots of projects in the works, lots of events to go to. My best friend had a baby at the beginning of this week so I have been hanging out with them a lot this week, admiring this little man.He is super sweet and I am in love already. My lovely friend is an awesome mommy already, and I can’t wait to watch him grow up.
I finished the Quilt Along quilt. And have been putting it to good use lately. I did finish it in the 7th week of the quilt along, I just haven’t got around to posting about it yet.

Another little project I made this past week was a gift for my sister for her birthday.I have been making little samplings of different patchwork patterns, and I decided to make a little something out of one for my sister. The letters are embroidered on, I printed out the words in the font I liked and traced it on the white fabric with pencil, then I ironed a stabilizer on the back and back stitched over the pencil markings. I really like the way it turned out, stay tuned for more embroidery projects soon. I actually sandwiched this with a plain white and batting, and pebble quilted the whole thing, then framed it in a frame without glass. It measures 16″ x20″. I hope she likes it, it is currently in the mail and hopefully will be delivered shortly. I forgot to take a picture before mailing it of the finished product, so I will have to have her take a picture for me.

I have a lot of irons in the fire right now, and am hoping to be finishing up a lot of projects soon. I am hoping to par down the things I participate in and focus on some simple living this fall. I leave you with a few photos.Some fabrics I picked up the other day.A french country side table that I am trying to sell, let me know if anyone wants it who lives somewhere in Chicagoland.This is a fun old bullzeye sign I found in my Grandpas shed when I was there this spring.Another little man I had the pleasure of meeting a couple of weeks ago, Izrael.Lastly, I found this picture in my archives and just thought it was fun. It feels like a giant mushroom forest.

Thanks for stopping by…

What I like to Wear

Lately I have been thinking more about my fashion style and what I wear. I say that my style is bohemian chic. I love clean lined clothing from places like the Gap and J.Crew but also love love love Anthropologie and boutique/vintage clothing. The mix I think is perfect. Especially when you have a limited clothing budget. I am a big fan of sales racks, thrifting, and inexpensive big box stores like target, I just have to find those unique pieces to spice up the outfit.

(Pardon the Mirror, it’s not dirty, just old)

This is my outfit from today. I love layering and bright colors as you may have noticed. this is a dressed up casual to me, as I had a busy day: meeting with a long time client, errands, sewing some work window treatments, worship practice, and a little bit of cleaning. So I needed to make sure I was comfortable, professional, and looked cute of course.

Green Cotton Tank – Old Navy
Aqua Knit Tank – Old Navy
Jeans – Target
Brown cardigan – Target
Fabulous Yellow Sandals – My lovely bible study ladies ( for my birthday )
Pear necklace – Forever 21
I am not the type of girl that can leave the house in sweats and a t-shirt for anything except to work out. I have always needed to shower and put on “real” clothes that include a minimum of jeans. I just can’t do the comfy clothes thing, I feel so exposed and uncomfortable in public in sweats, heck I usually have to shower and get dressed for the day even if I am staying in all day. I just like to be put together.

I looked through a ton of my pictures to find other outfits to show you all, but all of my pictures are of me in coats because that’s when we take vacations. hm…. I will have to remedy that. So I will leave you with this cuteness.

Little Hippo made for a client I believe it is going to a new baby!

Lovely Yellows

This weekend I repainted my upstairs half bath. I painted it a lovely shade of grey, and then added lovely touches of Yellow. This is what it looked like before:

And After…..And After….The idea for this little sign above the mirror came to me while I was sewing the curtain below. I found a great vintage typewriter font online and printed it on a beautiful textured canary yellow cardstock.

And After…Isn’t this fabric lovely. I am soooo in love with it. I order one yard and whipped this up while I was waiting for the first coat of paint to dry. I used brushed nickel grommets to hang it by. Check out my flickr for more pictures of my home as it is completed.

Sushine and Waterfalls with some coins thrown in!

These are the new fabrics for my coin Quilt. I LOVE yellow right now, and when I saw these fabrics they just seemed right. I will be surrounding them by white, with a possible patched border. We will see. I am all done cutting out the prints, now I have the boring job of cutting the white. :) That’s what DVD’s are for right?
Something else I am working on right now.An look at my awful basement. I am working on a plan for remodeling it. We are going to drywall, replace the lovely mint green floors with wood, the spot that I am standing in will be my studio/sewing room, and the space on the opposite side of that column will be the family room. I will be separating the two space by these curtains, that can be opened to watch tv and closed to hide my inevitable messes. ; ) I am super excited about this. I am still pricing everything out and figuring out what I want so that everything is ready at once. I will post more inspiration pictures and of course progress as it is being done.
Thanks for stopping by. : )

Best seat in the House

This has been my seat for the past couple of days. In the 6th week of my Quilt Along I am teaching myself/learning from tutorials how to free motion quilt with a darning foot. Yikes it is a little tantalizing. I found a wonderful blog by small means. April is an amazing crafter, I am in love with her loopy quilting style and that is what I am attempting this week on my Quilt Along quilt. It is turning out so cute, I am loving it and getting a great arm workout at the same time.Check out all the wonderful quilts and lovely ladies making them over at the Quilt Along flickr group.
Something else I have been playing around with this week.I am not sure what I will do with it when it’s finished. I watched the Tale of Desperaux with a little friend I had sleepover last week, and was enchanted by the mouses town. This is an interpretation of there little tent homes. I am thinking it could be fun to make a little village for the Calico Critters. I used to have some of these and adored them when I was little, and was reminded of my love for them when Erin blogged about them a little bit ago. I must find some old ones when I am thrifting and garage saleing. I just can’t bring myself to buy the new ones.

Another great project I found over at Julie’s Blog. A baby crinkle toy. I made these two for my youth pastor’s son. He is almost 6 months and loves things that make that crinkling noise. Next on my list of projects I do believe is one of these beautiful coin quilts. There is a wonderful flickr group happening with so many gorgeous quilts, go check it out.
I leave you with a fun picture of me and one of my best friends at bible study, that’s right, bible study. : ) Not everyone was able to make it so we headed out to our local Target to be silly.

What I did this weekend

So on Wednesday night my husband informs me we are leaving for Arizona the following evening. Where we will be staying in our own private house with a pool, and relaxing for the weekend, in celebration of my 26th birthday. Wow! Isn’t he wonderful? He had it planned for several weeks and even had my best friends make up plans for all weekend so I wouldn’t suspect anything. Yeah he’s good, and he’s all mine. : ) Thanks babe for a great getaway.The houses private pool. Oh it was soo nice to swim whenever and hangout in the shade of the overhang.The view from behind the bar/butlers area into the kitchen. The Family room is to the left, and the master bedroom and main living room is down that hallway in the middle. Yes it was a very large house.Me being silly next to a huge cactus.This is the fabulous house that we were so blessed to stay in.

And in other news, I have purchased my batting and backing for my quilt via the quilt along, and am ready to go. Now just to find the time. : )

Paint Party

I decided to join the Paint Party over at 320 Sycamore so here are a couple of rooms in my house that I have painted and love the colors.This is my Living Room, it originally looked like this. I just recently painted it, the central hall, staircase, and upstairs hall in this color. I am so in love with it. It is the perfect beige gray color. Glidden : Toasty GreyAnother view from the Living room to the central hall into the downstairs bath. Glidden : Toasty GreyThis cabinet is in my Dining Room, I found it on the side of the road and restored and painted it. The white is a just the white enamel left over from my trim, and the green is Glidden : Napa Valley . The Dining Room was this color when we moved in so I can’t take credit, but I do love it. Benjamin Moore : Mayflower Red The Downstairs bath is another room I painted. I like to go bold with either paint or fabrics in a bath so this one I went for the paint. Glidden : A.S.A.P (only took two coats)

As a designer I do really like to use the Aura Paint by Benjamin Moore, as it is a very easy paint, thick and covers well. But as a home owner/designer who likes to paint quite often, Glidden has become a great in-expensive stand by for me. I would highly recommend it, available at Home Depot.

Thanks so much 320 Sycamore for hosting the Paint Party.

Pillows and Posies

I have been working on a couple projects lately. I have been in love with bright colors lately, and applique. So I am incorporating those loves into some pillows.A finished Pillow with Pear AppliqueA Pillow in the works with 2 applique.

I have designed a new flower pin that I dubbed Posies, they are crafted of vintage chenille blankets, wool felt, vintage buttons, and various notions.Fancy Posie has deep turquoise tulle with tulle knots and glass bead center, all adorning beautiful pea colored wool felt. Fun and Flirty Posie has beautiful original pink chenille, intermix with pea colored wool felt, adorned with a pink vintage button. This Fun and Flirty Posie has white chenille intermixed with navy wool felt, and is adorned with a lovely vintage button.

Check them out in my etsy shop soon.