around here lately…

Lately we’ve been hanging out at home a lot more. I’m tired a lot! :) But growing a human will do that to you.  Lucky Charms have been a staple in our diet lately. I crave cereal, and only eat it when I’m pregnant, this time around it’s Lucky charms. Hmm…now I want some lucky charms. ;)

Luke got his first taste not to long ago and has started requesting them for breakfast. :) I indulge him occasionally. He’s getting really good at drinking the milk at the end.


But even though we are taking it slower lately I do have some things to share later this week. A tutorial, a single girl quilt, and hopefully I can get a post up about my project life this week or next, a project that I am seriously loving. See you later this week!


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It’s a….


I am 20 weeks today and we found out yesterday we are having a Girl!  I am so excited!

I now know from our lengthy ultrasound why I rarely feel her. She is quit content to just lounge in there sucking her thumb and hiding the goods, it took our ultrasound tech (bless her heart) quite a bit of wiggling to get this little lady to move enough to know she is a girl. But it’s confirmed. Yay! I would have gone a bit crazy had we not been able to find out.

We are naming her Norah as was the plan if Luke had been a girl,  although her middle name is yet to be decided.


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Circles, and babies, and quilts, oh my!

My best friend had her third baby on Monday. A girl. She has two boys already so she was super excited to be having a girl.

I made her a circle quilt! My first quilt with circles, and you know what not as hard or as scary as it appears. :) I found this drunkards path quilt along from Needles and Spatula. She has a great template that I used that is free to download. If you have been wanting to try curves or circles do it. You will be glad you did.

I made each circle a patchwork with 4 different patterns in each. 16 circles in all. The Background is Kona color: aqua. It’s such a lovely blue. I super Love working with Kona, it’s the only solid I use if I can help it.

I used a coral, orange, and white striped vintage sheet backing that didn’t photograph well, due to using my iphone at night. My regular camera was out of service at the time.

I have it on good authority that baby Ava liked it. :)


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oh just a little something

Luke is pretty excited that our little family is growing come June 2013!

That’s right a tiny little baby will be joining us and we couldn’t be more excited!  We found out the beginning of October and I have been itching to shout it to everyone!  I keep teasing David that it is twins since I have been so sick but, it’s confirmed to be just one. :)

Spread em boys!

The two pictures above are outtakes my sister snapped at our Christmas Photo shoot with my brother, Beyond The Well Photography. I will be sharing the professional pictures when we get them . :) Can’t wait!

I will try and not post purely baby things from here till the baby is born, but no promises. ;)


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12 on 12

12 photos on the 12th – Elizabeth of Dear Lizzy did a 12 on 12 post and link up last month, and it looked so fun. She challenged on her blog to try and do the 12 on 12 again. So I thought that could be fun to try with my dslr since it has gone into hibernation practically. :)

Hold on for lots of Luke pictures as most of my day is spent with him. :)

We love breakfast! Probably his favorite meal.

At our friends house. This is Luke’s big buddy they have a dual bicycle. :)


Miss Caroline reading to all three boys!  They loved it.

Some milk before naptime. He was pretty happy about it!

A hug for mommy. Love!

I finished up my string quilt top during nap time. I am hopefully, keep your fingers crossed for me, getting my dream machine in June so I am waiting to quilt it till then. I will get my hubby to hold it up  for a picture soon.

He LOVES to sit at the window and watch “rush hour”. We live on a semi busy street due to a bus parking lot being a half mile or so up it. He just loves to watch the buses, but is a touch to short to see them on his own. His faces where cracking me up.

Some Yo Gabba Gabba before dinner. His favorite and only show we let him watch sometimes. It is to funny to see his reaction when it starts up.


And a quick bath before bed. Yep, this photo makes me realize my tub needs some scrubbing! ;)

Yep that’s my day! Well with lots of chores, driving, and boring stuff thrown in. But who wants to see or remember that?!? :)

If you would like to try 12 on 12 check out Elizabeths blog, sometimes she does link up parties too.

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1I’ve been up to a bit lately! But all is happening  in between spending almost every waking moment outside with my little man. We have had amazing 75-85 degree weather for the past couple weeks here in Chicagoland and we can’t get enough of it.

I went to Cedarburg, WI with a couple ladies on a Saturday earlier this month. It is such a cute town. I would check out Distractions (bought some amazing local alpaca yarn in the perfect grellow) and Material Matters if you ever get to go.

I have gotten my three packages of the Flea Market Fancy Reprint. I have almost all the prints. I am planning on making this quilt eventually with it.

This little owl is possibly my final “boy” owl for little men. Luke is currently testing it out for me. ;)

A decent sized etsy update went up late last week. All different kinds of owls and one garland.

Luke is falling asleep in the car almost every day on the way home from playdates, the zoo, the park. This weather is wearing him out in a good way.

Trying on my sunglasses for size.

He loves it when the airplanes fly overhead.

I hit the wood frame jackpot at a couple thrift stops this past weekend and need to add one more coat of paint to finish them off.

He only wants to be outside, when inside it’s a constant request to “see” outside. :)

As you can see it’s a good thing I have my iphone since I can’t seem to pick up the regular camera. :)


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Be Mine

Happy Valentines Day! This is my Valentine till his Daddy comes home then he has to share. :)

Have a Lovely Day with your lovelies!

Valentines Bowtie

I like to make Luke Ties or Bowties for special occasions or Holidays.

I have used this tie pattern from for the above tie, I had the pattern on hand since I had made some shirt gifts using it. The shape was perfect for a real tie, so I just cut out two from fabric, sewed them together and added a ribbon to the back of it to velcro around his neck.

I made him his first bowtie for Easter last year and he also wore it for his baby dedication in May last year. I made up my own pattern for this. I tried out a pattern I found online for adult mens bowties. But shrunk small enough for Luke it was to much hassle. I don’t love the basic square scrunched into a bowtie style because I prefer a bit of shape to it.  I do realize I may be the only one who can tell if the pattern has shape once it’s made, but… you know?!?! :)

This tie was made for Luke’s 1 year photo shoot (picture by my brother above). I literally went to my sewing room an hour before the shoot started, found this tie pattern from and whipped it up. I am sure I cut corners. I think I read her tutorial and then did what made sense to me because I was sewing so fast. I definitely need to make him more ties from her pattern though, and I will follow it better. :) Because this tie is GENIUS. If you have a little boy please try it and check it out. :)  The tie worked great for the shoot and he has worn it multiple times since.

Valentine’s Day 2012 Bowtie. Well I made it last night so he could wear it to church today, since he doesn’t have any big plans for Valentines Day wink, wink!

This bowtie I made from the same pattern I came up with for his 1st bowtie. It is using the exact same sized pattern, so as you can see it is a nice size you can use for multiple ages. You could also enlarge or shrink it too.

I am sharing this bowtie pattern with you all today! I have uploaded it for you to download and print. I didn’t do a tutorial, but wrote basic instructions on the pattern. I welcome you to email me with any questions as I am not sure how clear the instructions will be without any pictures. If there is enough interested I would be happy to put together a tutorial.

Bowtie Pattern Pdf

This is for personal use only please. Add any pictures you would like to my flickr group.

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Cover up

So Luke is getting to the age where I am comfortable with offering him a pillow and blanket in bed now. So I am planning what I can make him. :) Because it’s got to be cute right?

Here are a couple of ideas I am tossing around.

This Fox Pattern by Artisania. It is a paper piece pattern in Artisania’s shop on etsy. It measures 8″x10″ so I am contemplating buying it and making it bigger, with a patched border.

I so love this lion head quilt by Knotty Bits and think it would be so fun to make for Luke. She doesn’t have a pattern so I would have to wing it.

I have always been a fan of stacked quilts. This one by ann-marie s. on flickr is just lovely!

I also love plus sign quilts.

This one by melodysquilts on flickr is lovely. I think it would be a very boyish quilt.

This plus sign quilt by the spotted elephant boutique on flickr  is also so great. I love this pattern with the white space inbetween.


Here’s a peak at his room, it has changed a slight bit so I need to take some updated photos.  I will make his new quilt to fit his crib (which turns into a toddler bed) in colors to match his room. Navy, aqua, yellow, grey, and maybe throw in some green or orange?

What option do you like the best?


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