Something Wicked QAL Week 3 – Fall 2020

Something Wicked QAL Week 3 – Fall 2020

Playing catch up here posting week 3 when it’s almost time for week 5. whoops.

Week 3 is all about piecing those angled sections using the cutting templates or the FPP templates as well as laying out your quilt and arranging all those rectangles to flow nicely.

The nice thing about the pattern using 26 background prints is that you can use one print per angled section and it makes it super easy to not have the same print next to each other. The only thing I pay attention to during this process is making sure my colors are scattered throughout the angled rectangles. Then when I go to add the rest of my background I can scatter the prints based on the angled sections.

For the cutting templates you will have cut all your pieces out last week. So now you just line them up and sew them together. It is good to trim them down to 4.5″ x 6.5″ if you have any that get a little big. I think the only ones that can have issues are the pieces that have the tiny sections. You can check out my Instagram Something Wicked QAL story highlight for a picture of the actual templates I recommend trimming.

For the FPP templates I made a little Youtube video for you with all my tips and tricks if you’ve never done EPP before. Go to the link below to watch me work some magic. ;)

Something Wicked QAL Week 3 – Piecing Tips


Now that you have your angled rectangles sewn you can get your whole quilt laid out and make sure your prints are scattered nicely throughout the very scrappy background. I recommend taking a picture of your laid out quilt and changing the contrast to B+W in your photo editing app to see if there’s any groupings that don’t work.

There is a ruler called the Ruby Ruler designed by Blaire of Wise Craft that does the same type of contrast as the B+W edit.

Changing that contrast can pop out some things that you don’t notice in color. I did end up moving some of those light ones just to the right of the hat bottom. It was a rooky move that had me leaving them till I was sewing it up. lol. But I was able to swap some okay. I highly recommend you do your DUE Diligence of making sure it all works and not try to swap things around mid sewing like I did.

That’s a wrap on Week 3 homework.

Our amazing Sponsors for Week 3 are Ruby Star Society.

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