Something Wicked QAL Week 4 – Fall 2020

Something Wicked QAL Week 4 – Fall 2020

Week 4 of the Something Wicked QAL has arrived!

This is the week we are finishing quilt tops!

Since your quilt is all laid out from Week 3 you should be able to get this done quick. Yay! I am going to be showing you how I web piece this week. I love to web piece. Have you heard of that method? I have a video on Youtube all about it.

Something Wicked QAL Week 4 – Web Piecing

Basically web piecing is chain piecing. Sewing together your pieces without cutting threads in between in each row. I stack my columns from top to bottom. Then I sew column 1 to column 2, starting at the top, not stopping between each row. I then grab column 3 and sew that to column 2 doing the same method. By the end the whole quilt top will be connected. The rows will be seamed together but each row is only connected by the threads. It’s super hard to explain which is why the video up there is crucial to watch.

But you should know this method saves time and thread, and keeps everything together and in order very well.

That’s a picture of what I was attempting to explain. I sewed the rows all together from the columns I had stacked. The rows are all seamed and then connect to the other seamed rows by the threads I didn’t clip.

From here I just seam the rows together starting at one end and continuing down the whole quilt. I nest my seams as I go and do NOT iron prior to this last step. LOL. But that’s more personal preference and also being in a rush. ;)

Now some people say to cut apart your rows before seaming them together and that really isn’t necessary. Maybe it could be if you press your seams open… but I think you could possibly still make it work. ;)

Wow, that’s it! You have a finished quilt top! Yay! Week 4 may have been the easiest yet right!??!!

See you next week!

Our sponsor for Week 4 is Windham Fabrics.

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