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So I have been thinking a lot about my wardrobe lately. What it is and what I want it to be. I love the idea of a capsule wardrobe but when really thinking about committing I am not sure it’s for me.  But I do need to have better perimeters for buying clothing, and then I thought wait, what happened to all my handmade clothes? I used to have a good selection of shirts that I had made and I liked them. But it’s been several years since I had made anything and I tend to be hard on my clothes because I have kids, I diy a lot and don’t always change, and I wear the same few things over and over, the things I truly love. So they have all bit the dust in one way or another.

So I started a Handmade Wardrobe Pinterest Board and starting figuring out what patterns I want to try along with some I have already made and loved.

wardrobe layoutCheck out my Handmade wardrobe pinterest board for all the sources of the pictures in the above photo.

I ordered some fabric, raided my stash, and even found a couple at Joann’s. I Then printed out the tops I loved the most and started figuring out what I would like. This may change as I get going or make something and maybe don’t like it. I have made Wiksten Tanks before and altered that a bit by adding sleeves to one, and changing up the sleeve line on another. I have made a couple Washi and also drafting a couple tops using old shirts I loved that were reparable. But I will definitely be making a few muslins and hopefully they turn out wearable.

Here’s what I have currently landed on.

IMG_8598        IMG_8599

Lotta Jansdotter Lucky, Hemendu in True Green Tokyo Train Ride, Mystery Meal lawn in navy

Wiksten Tank by Wiksten                                               Wiksten Tank with Sleeves by Wiksten

FullSizeRender(3)        FullSizeRender(5)

Plaid from Stash                                                                Bespoke, Ephemera Double Gauze in Peach

Tova by Wiksten                                                               Beatrix by Made by Rae

IMG_8600        IMG_8597

Sarah Watts, Honeymoon, Colibri in Citron           Rashida Coleman Hale, Gust Rayon in Midnight

Soho Top by SewKateSew                                       Wiksten Tank by Wiksten

plaid        linen

Plaid From Material Girl                                                   Linen from Joann’s

Scout Tee by Grainline Studio                                       Beatrix by Made by Rae

Clearly from my picture of my planning stages I have a couple other tops I need to find fabric for.

The Pearl Shift Dress by Green Bee Patterns

The Hemlock by Grainline Studios (free download when you subscribe)

The Alice top by Tessuti

I’m thinking I need some more solids, chambray, linen, maybe just maybe a knit! Is there a fabric you love to sew garments with? Let me know!

All right, I have a bunch of sewing to do. I will post an update here after I sew a few and I post in-progress pictures of my projects on Instagram quite regularly.

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Luke’s Space

I finally got to all those little details that finish it all in Luke’s room and so now I call it. Done! So here you go, the full tour.

Lukes Room 2

Walking straight into his room you see his bed and looking over to the right is his desk and comfy chair.

Lukes Room 3

Lukes Room 4

Lukes Room 5

I made some Pin Boards with IKEA frames and a roll of cork. They may not be the greatest idea considering they are right above his bed and he boycotts naps like a pro. But they are a great place to hang up drawings, cards, little mementos, and photos. The Be Strong canvas is from Hobby Lobby, the Orange Book print is from A Vintage Poster, and the tree picture is a vintage paint by number in a floating frame.  All the Frames in his room are from Target or IKEA.

Lukes Room 14

Above his bed I hung a Lion print by Sharon Montrose, The Be Awesome Print is from Lucius Art, and the L is from Anthropologie. The Bug Pillow on his bed is from IKEA, and the Raccoon Pillow is one I made, you can find others in my etsy shop.  He has a shelf full of animals in his closet that make the regular rotation on his bed. Right now it’s Norah’s Bolt and his ambulance ride bear from when he broke his leg this summer. His duvet is from The land of Nod, we love it there and have several sheet sets from there hidden beneath the duvet. This one, this one, oh and a lego one too.

Lukes Room 15

Lukes Room 29_edited-1

Lukes Room 30_edited-2The Valance is probably the newest edition. I had wide Grey and White Horizontal Striped panels over his roman shade up until a couple months ago. Being right next to his bed he seemed to pull on them to much and a curtain rod bracket got pulled off the wall. So a Valance was the answer since the light control was taken care of by the woven roman shade from Home Depot. I made a wood mounted Box Pleated valance out of a Nate Berkus fabric I had stashed from Joann’s. I lined it in a white and green stripe (a thrifted duvet cover) for a little hidden detail.  Normally I would never line window treatments in anything but white or ivory since they are seen from the outside, but this one hangs just a bit below the trim and is 99% of the time covered by the shade. So I went for it.

Lukes Room 8

Lukes Room 9

His desk is a remake of his shelves in his old room at the old house.  I basically used the shelves as is and raised them to add a desk underneath. It’s a shorter than normal desk I think about 27″ tall, 30″ is normal, but it works perfectly for him and I can change it as he grows. These are such a great versatile and pretty inexpensive shelf/desk to make. We love them. You can find loads of tutorials on pinterest if you want to tackle some.  We but some keepsake and vintage decor on his top shelves and lego creations hang out over the bottom. The short stool is from Hobby Lobby. It’s a chair height stool.  The various lego heads and boxes have all been thrifted! Crazy right?

Lukes Room 20

Lukes Room 18

I found the wood helicopter at a thrift store. Luke is a helicopter fanatic so it was a must. The little L block is one of the coolest baby gifts we got for him, someone had it made with all his birth stats on the sides. The blue vase thing is actually a lamp from Homegoods and is just for looks as I never plug it in.

Lukes Room 17I found the Green mail box at a thrift store, the 4 is from a vintage market, the school bus was my grandpas, the tree is from Michael’s unfinished wood section, and the artwork is by Luke.

Lukes Room 19

He has a jar of rocks and shells he finds when we travel, some artwork, a wooden excavator he and daddy made together, a legoman flashlight, and a truck nightlight (target) on another shelf.

Lukes Room 21Under his desk we have a big basket full of little bins of legos sorted by color, which seems to work really well for him.  Between his desk and comfy Chair I have a green bin from IKEA (Super great bins by the way from IKEA $5) filled with his current reading material.

Lukes Room 12

Lukes room 13

Lukes Room 10

On the wall above his chair, which I thrifted and slipcovered, I hung a recent addition. Star Wars Legoman prints I found on Pinterest , they are a free download from Over the big moon and Luke loves them. I picked up clearance frames at target to hang them in and boom a wall filled that was practically empty before. Add the Metal L made from old signs I got at a Vintage Market and it’s perfect.  I made the little pillow on the chair from this awesome print by SaltyOat.

Lukes Room 11

Lukes Room 22

Lukes Room 23_edited-1

I thought I would show you the inside of his closet since it is multi purpose. We had a tall dresser in his room for awhile, but when finishing the desk and shelves I couldn’t get them in the room and have the dresser too. Since his closet was pretty empty still I bought a bunch of plastic bins and put all his clothes in there. It is working super great so far.  We’ve got a shelf full of softies, toy bins on the bottom, the shelf above his hanging clothes has older kid books, his bank, a bin full of school stuff, he has extra blankets and pillows, out of season clothes, and all the lego boxes he loves to save on higher shelves. A laundry basket for dirty clothes completes the closet nicely. He can reach everything he needs and can see and ask for (hopefully instead of climb) for anything he can’t.

Lukes Room 24Last on the room tour I recycled his train table into a lego board to roll under his bed. We hadn’t used his train table since we moved. You can see the train table original post here. But to transform it, I removed all the train tracks, filled holes, added a trim piece around the edge so there would be a little lip and legos wouldn’t slip off, I painted it all grey, and lastly added wheels.  It rolls under his bed easily at night so his room looks clean. It also gives his legos a landing spot so they aren’t all over the floor and a pain to pick up all the time. I highly recommend the under the bed storage method.  I cut some thin wood into 14″ lengths and painted them black so he can make roads on it. Someday we will add a dotted line to the roads.

Lukes Room 6

Lukes Room 28

Lukes room 27

We have an old green wooden tool chest under the window that he can lock his treasures into, and a Lego Police Crest I made for his last birthday hanging on the wall next to it.  His bed is from The Land of Nod,(we love our local The Land of Nod the staff is stellar) and his rug is from the Crate and barrel Outlet from way back when I was pregnant with the boy.  The Paint Color is Velvet Sofa by Behr , Luke picked it himself. The ceiling is basic flat white ceiling paint.

Lukes Room 1

So that’s it! I think I over share sometimes. :) A lot of his room is from His room at the Old house. Fun story, Luke’s room is the only room that got painted before we moved to the new house, we had a 3 day window between closing and our moving date. I wanted to make sure it was ready for him and having him help pick the color made the transition to a new room more fun for him.

Please tell me what you think! You know old school comment style.  I’m working on those final details in Norah’s room so I will share with you all shortly.

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Finally Fall….. but not technically.



Was anybody else ready for fall well before Labor Day like I was? The kids asked to put up fall decorations (a.k.a Halloween) several weeks before Labor Day. I held them off till Labor Day at least and then put up some fun FALL decor and I will add some spooky decor in the next couple weeks! I am ready for cozy sweaters, flannel, scarfs, fire lit nights, and just the general feel of fall. But Summer is also not my favorite so……

So this year I have two Mantels! Crazy, I go from zero to two and it has been fun and sometimes confusing to decorate them. In the seasons without a Holiday I am not really sure what to do up there. :) The Holidays seasons coming up are making me super excited, and I did have fun with this fall look.

I picked up the black framed wire screen at the Kane County Flea Market a couple weeks ago thinking it would be the perfect background for the mantels since I could hang lots of stuff off it so easily. So that plus my tall Homegoods mirror were my back drop. I added in an arrow I made several years ago and an arrow I picked up at the cute Main Street market last Saturday.  I had a bunch of the white pumpkins and picked up the velvet ones at Homegoods last week. The black owl is old but also from Homegoods, the green vase might be too…. I love that place. ;) The white vase is from Pottery Barn when I worked there years ago. The white book page garland is from various installments at the old house and I whipped up the Felt and fabric pendant garland this afternoon.  The little fall letters I dug out of a giant box at a booth at the Kane County Flea Market and the Happy Fall Chalkboard sign is from Joann’s. Whew, that’s a lot of info but I am nosy and like to know all the details so there you go. You can also get a glimpse of my growing surveyors measuring sticks that tower on the side of the fireplace. They are so fun and I have always loved them but never had the ceiling height for them until now. So the collection was finally started this year and growing maybe a little to quickly.

Do you decorate for Fall? Holidays? I would love to see your mantels and spaces, because I am nosy after all. Nothing fasinates me more than getting a peek into peoples homes.


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Let’s Play some more

I finally finished… is anything ever really done? the playroom!

I am methodically working my way through repainting and fixing rooms up in a way that only makes sense to me. I told my husband that things are ranked in my head from most offensive to least offensive and that’s how I am fixing things up. Aside from the offensive things that would cost to much money the house is coming along nicely. And so it came time for the Playroom to get a little spruce.

These are the best I could find with minimal effort of the before, shortly after we moved in. I am a horrible before picture taker. :)

With a 6 month younger not as much crazy haired Norah front and center.

Not much big stuff needed to be done. The trim was oak before so I painted that White, and then the walls got a nice fresh coat of Benjamin Moore’s Owl Gray it was a buttery beige before as seen in the above pictures. We used the owl gray in the family room and since this room feeds directly into that room it made sense to paint it the same. I then embarked on planking the back wall and painted that white. It makes it feel so much bigger with the horizontal Planks and bright white.  I achieved the planking by cutting 4′ x 8′ luan also called underlayment plywood into strips, this wall is 8″ tall planks. I then just used my nail gun to attach them on the wall, cutting to size as I went. Then I hand brush painted the whole wall with primer and several coats of white until it was fully covered. You could definitely roll the paint but I like the texture of hand brushing on a plank wall.

The Playroom sits at the top of the back staircase which is located in our family room. In the above picture I am standing at the top of the stairs. The door to the right is my sewing room, and the door to the left goes into a small hallway that leads to my closet and two steps up to our master bedroom. You can go through the Master into the rest of the upstairs. The beauty of having two staircases makes the house a loop and we kind of really love that. It makes games of hide and seek rather fun!

The above picture looks over toward the reading area at the top of the stairs, and you can see it has a loft like feel over there being open to the family room.

I was able to get rid of two big boxes of toys without the kids noticing to much. They have asked for two of the things I donated so that’s a win! The shelf below is from Home Decorator’s Collection and  holds two big canvas bins, from homegoods, of dress up stuff, above those are Luke’s biggest trucks, above those are a couple Vintage Fischer Price Play things, and then the top as some random fun stuff. Chalk, bird houses the kids painted, wool felt balls in a jar, a jar of chalk, some vintage toys, a globe I paint with chalkboard paint awhile ago, and a green box with some craft project supplies. You also get a glance into my sewing space which is right off the playroom.

Here’s a better peek at the reading area loft and into the Family room. That’s the brick of our family room fireplace. The reading area up until the redo was just a landing spot for junk that needed to go elsewhere. There was a little armoire, a small table, and a bunch of random home decor sitting here for far to long without a proper home. Now it has a much better function as my children LOVE to read, especially Norah.


The Bookcase is the Bitrade from IKEA and was purchased because it was the perfect size and cheap. I am not sure this will last but for now it’s perfect. I used left over planking from the wall and stained it dark, then I nailed it to the back as this shelf has no back. I used a couple more of these green boxes, also from IKEA, to house puzzles and more craft supplies.  Our Play Room Quilt sits perfectly on one of the shelves for easy access.


I hung a bunch of random Chalkboards up here. Oddly enough my kids don’t use them to much. I think I like to doodle more than they do. The Bean bags are from an awesome Project Nursery tutorial I came across on Pinterest.  I stitched the zippers closed so we haven’t had a problem with leaking beans. The beans themselves are from clearanced out regular style bean bags from Target. They were the cheapest option I could find for buying beans. The Stripe fabric is from IKEA, and the green on the bottom is a linen I found several yards of while thrifting years ago. This style of bean bag is so much more comfortable and cute than the average ball shape in my opinion, I can sit in them comfortably and play for awhile too!


At the top of the stairs we have two wrapped canvases, one of each of the children of their 1 year photo session. Photos are by my awesome brother who along with his wife had a professional Photography business. They are transitioning to new careers now, not for lack of talent. :) The Canvases are from Canvas Bundle and Easy Canvas Prints, they are both 16″ x 20″ and are both super great quality.


Playroom art is so fun don’t you think? I love picking art for kids spaces it’s so much more whimsical, bright, and quirky. The La La Love you print I have had  for so long as is from SparklePower on etsy, the Hip Hip HooRay banner I made myself, the Plus Symbol hoop I also made, and the bird I made from perler birds off a picture I saw on pinterest. The chalkboard which you can see in some of the other pictures is one my mom bought me while we were shopping at the Main Street Market in Rockford, IL. Definitely a must go if your in the area.

The Fox Mini Quilt I whipped up last week using Elizabeth Hartman’s fancy fox pattern, the clock is from Homegoods, the Print is from Pen and Paint, and the Bear Head is from Joann’s.

Over by the Teepee (the teepee was my husbands as a child) I hung the Busy Board I made for Luke several years ago, our old rotary dial phone, a small smile embroidery hoop I made, and an embroidered snippet of a bible verse. “you shine like stars”

I painted the shelves for toys white, they were thrifted 5 or so years ago and have been a redish maple color up until now. I  put a new top on this cool old table I found several years ago. It used to have a laminate top with a metal rim. Not quite the style I was going with. The little chairs are a few of the ones I have thrifted. I am a sucker for child size chairs.

I finally figured out how to hang up the kids artwork!!! Like seriously I thought about this sooooo much! I used Tim Holtz clipboard clips I found at Joann’s a hung them directly to the wall. Inexpensive and they work super great!


One of the fun things I enjoyed was making yards of garland and stringing it and white globe lights up on the ceiling. I love this aspect of the room and it is so fun to play up here at night with it on.

Lastly I finished the quilt I had been planning for the play room. It is simple half square triangles. It’s a copy of Denyse Schmidt’s quilt she made in her Hadley fabric and Kona Snow as the white. The back is pieced and it is bound in a neon pink solid I have had in my stash for years. This quilt is so gorgeous in person, the colors are super lovely, and I straight line quilted it at 3/8″ apart which takes forever but gives the most amazing texture.


Thanks so much for taking  tour or our playroom with me! I love to share the spaces I pour my heart and hard work into with you all!





It’s Here!!!!

I have finally done it. After much encouragement from my band of Sewtopia Ladies, many a nights writing, photographing the process, editing, a call to pattern testers, and their reviews, along with more edits and many frustrating pdf issues. I Finished my first pattern! Whoo Hoo! Introducing the Woollypetals Cat Pouch!

It is very similar to my fox pouches which I still sell in my etsy shop along with cat pouches and many more whimsical items.

This Cat Pouch is the perfect little mate for holding any little collection measuring in at 9.5″w x 7″t. It’s unique shape is what sets it apart from other pouches. Whenever I pull mine out of my bag to grab something people are always enamored with the cute facial features that are acheived through simple applique. The 9″ zipper is simple to install and provides wide access to the storage inside. Here are a couple pictures for your viewing pleasure. :)



The Pouch can also be made into a super cute little purse that is a great when you need to grab and go with a just a couple things. This makes the cutest gift for any little girl in your life also, with a shorter strap she can be rocking a cat purse too! Converting the Pouch to a purse is all included in the pattern and can be as simple as tying the strap onto the loops you sew in the outer seams or making it a little more advanced by sewing on a lobster claw hook. You can also make the strap adjustable with a D-ring.




I couldn’t have done this without the help of all my amazing pattern testers! Please check out their Instagrams and lovely kitties they created via the hashtag #woollypetalscatpouch on Instagram.

Kayla @stitchkaylastitch , Tara @taracceleste, Stephanie @stephkthomas, Robin @robineggbluegirl, Elise @emh354, Kathleen @katmama367,  Sally @turtlesrs, Kara @knitandsews, Myrth @goosequilts, Jasmine @jasminesews


Stop by my etsy shop if you want to purchase an already puuuurfect ;P cat pouch. You can also purchase the pattern on craftsy. Please remember though this pattern is for personal use and not for making products to sell.


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Shop Update and a Discount!


I added a few fox pouches and House pillows to the shop last week! Stop by and take a peek. They would make some pretty sweet Christmas gifts for someone….. or yourself. ;) The shop will be open through December 6th or 7th and you can use the code HAPPYHOLIDAYS2014 for 20% off your order. Thanks so much for your awesome support!





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Little Red and the Lumberjack Wolf

This is the first year I have made anything for Halloween Costumes! It all started when we bought little red riding hood at thrift store and read the story together. FYI: the Grimms fairytale version is rather graphic!  But Luke kept saying he wanted to be a lumberjack and then would change his mind to a wolf because he loves to dress up as animals and he loves tools…ahem, axe. :)



We tried for a little photoshoot  a day or two before Halloween, but it was freezing and the lighting wasn’t the best inside, and of course Norah decide that was the right time to get uber crabby. But we got a couple fun shots of Luke for sure. For the record she was crying before he started growling at her. :)

The best pictures we got were just some quick snaps on my phone while we were waiting for daddy  to bring candy home for trick or treaters.

Luke’s outfit was jeans with wilderness patches (already had)  and a plaid flannel both from H&M, boots (already had) and a thermal from Target, suspenders I found in the men’s section at walmart (they were huge), a wolf mask from Opposite of Far, monster gloves from baby cricket , and an axe from party city. :)

Norah’s out fit was a geranium Dress made from stash fabrics, a cape made from red flannel, and a fun apron made from stash fabrics, I found the super fun boots at Marshall’s, and we popped a bow we already had on. They had fun in their costumes and the trick or treating the 1.5 blocks we managed in the freezing cold.


We hope you all had a fun and safe a Halloween!


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Quilting + Baby = Happy

Plus Quilt!  Something I’ve had in my head for awhile and a stack prepped for it. The plus blocks come together sooooo quickly! I used this tutorial by Jennifer at Ellison Lane and just changed the measurements to make them bigger. Each block measures about 18 inches square.  The trickiest part was making sure I cut and sewed the directional prints the right way. :)


The back had to be a giant plus sign because…. well why not? I am seriously loving the 8 days a week fabric on the back, so much fun. I quilted it in black, white ended up being to stark on the front even though it’s my go to quilting color. Maybe I’m going to switch to black not that I’ve used it twice recently!  I did a free motion loopy quilting which is NOT in my comfort zone at all. I think it turned out pretty good. If I would’ve had the time I would have loved to do straight line quilting on this one like I did on my feather quilt. but that takes far to long.

I bound it in a lovely emerald and white polka dot. For that extra punch of color. Bonus the binding matches my sandals which is a must right?!?!?!!?

Oh my sweet and Spunky 10.5 months old. Where does the time go. She absolutely loved it when I spread the quilt on the ground, kept crawling all over it laughing. Sweetest!


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Dusting off the old blog here……


It’s been awhile since i blogged but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been busy! :) I have actually after counting them up last night have finished 6 quilts this year and am almost done with my 7th! Whoa. I haven’t made that many quilts in one year in a looooong time.

Without further ado here is my favorite quilt I have ever made! I will explain why!

My mom and I found a field to hold it up when we went to the Urban FarmGirl Main Street Market. Seriously check it out next year! It was a little windy. :) She was a good sport. Thanks Mom!

From the Moment I saw this feather quilt in someone’s Instagram feed at Quilt Market maybe Spring 2012? I just knew I HAD to make it, I stalked  Anna Marie Horner’s blog waiting to see if this would be a pattern. While waiting for the pattern to become available, Denyse Schmidt’s Chicopee line came out and I snatched that up as fast as possible! Seriously My favorite line of fabric to date. I knew immediately upon seeing it that it would make the most perfect Feather quilt. So it sat for awhile waiting for the pattern and time. The Pattern is Feather Bed Quilt by Anna Marie Horner and is available for free here.

I finally finished it a couple weeks ago and it is MY snuggle quilt. I don’t even like my kids to use it. hehehe

It took me a bit to figure out the perfect background fabric color and I finally bit the bullet and went with my gut even though it was so bold. This yellow is so bright and neon in person, it’s just a random quilting solid I found at Joann’s and never looked at the bolt to see what it actually was.  It’s thick like KONA and is very similar to KONA cactus, although cactus is more green.

The back is almost all the chicopee prints in a patchwork band surrounded by Crosshatch Sketch in Charcoal. I love the darkness of the back! The quilting is roughly 1/2″ straight lines and took FOREVER, but was worth it as it gives it so much more texture. You can see more of my dilemma with the quilting thread color in my Instagram feed. Lets just say there was some unpicking that had to be done.  The Binding is from Rashida Colmann-Hale’s Koi collection, It’s a Plus in gray. Love it, and it’s the perfect binding. I am going to see if I can scrounge up some more for my stash. :)



The pattern is a great and easy pattern, the worse part is all the cutting! :) It is definitely time consuming but the end result is so worth it! I would highly recommend starting this quilt immediately.

Have YOU made a feather quilt? Leave me a link I would love to check it out. :)

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Shop Open!


The Shop is now Open! Come on by and pick up some super cute pillows, toys, pouches, burp cloths, garlands, and more!

Just because your awesome! A discount code for 15% off for you.  MARCH2014 is the promo code.


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